Federal Funds Meant To Protect Jewish Orgs Not Distributed – Dept of Homeland Security Ties Up Funds

That’s right – The Jewish Week is reporting $25 million meant to help nonprofits, a large number of them Jewish nonprofits, step up their security has been sitting unused in Washington. Why? It seems bureaucrats at the Department of Homeland Security (of Hurricane Katrina infamy) refused to disburse the money unless there was a specific threat against a specific nonprofit.

While the actual amount each nonprofit would receive is nominal, the idea behind the money was to get these nonprofits security cameras, entry barriers and other simple security measures to help reduce the risk of attacks like the one that took place at Seattle’s Jewish Federation last week.

I happen to believe the Jewish community could and should be doing much more on its own to secure its members and property, an effort that does not need to depend on government funds. That being said, the behavior of the Bush Administration with regard to this issue is counterproductive and should be condemned.



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2 responses to “Federal Funds Meant To Protect Jewish Orgs Not Distributed – Dept of Homeland Security Ties Up Funds

  1. Michelle


    What is important to note here is that our synagogues and religious institutions do not receive any money to pay for security officers and the like. These homeland security fund are only to use for structural or technological changes to the facility. For example, they pay for reinforced planters so that a madman can’t run his car into your sanctuary, or they pay for upgrading security from analogue to digital systems. These funds are essential and needed to protect the population, but it would be nice if they could also designate some funds for security officers. Our synagogue, in a medium-sized city in the eastern US, requires three officers every time we have services or events. Other synagogues in the area use up to six officers. I don’t see the Baptist church needing this type of security–it is only us! We need it to protect our right to practice our religion in safety. Too bad they can’t see it that way–our synagogues here take a very large burden of $300-600 per service for security!

  2. avrohom


    While i understand your concerns; things have to taken proportionally. at this moment, the only “friend” that the Jews have, allowing them to protect themselves is President Bush (shame for all who wanted to vote for Kerry). At such a time; while we should voice all of our concerns and ask for all of our needs;everyone needs to thank and commend President Bush and his administration for being the best friend Israel had in the past decades (not the one who pushed for Oslo and all the garbage tzoross that came from it). I know it’s hard for bleeding heart liberals to be truthful with themselves and understand that Bush is the only leader on the Jewish side, but as the motto in your website says “THE SEAL OF G-D IS TRUTH!”

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