Yeshiva Students Take Vacations After All; Rabbi Elyashiv Calls On Israel To Seriously Consider Truce Offers

Ha’aretz quotes haredi leader Rabbi Yosef Shalom Elyashiv this way:

“[T]he decision makers must take into account the position of the world nations. They shouldn’t ignore or take lightly the ideas raised by other nations. If the United States raises solutions that could bring about the end of the war and save Jewish lives, they should be heeded. No offer or idea should be dismissed offhand. We mustn’t anger the nations of the world.”

The same small article has this little tidbit of information:

The senior rabbis in the ultra-Orthodox community decided to allow the yeshiva students to take the “between times” vacation, which is equivalent to a semester break, despite the dangerous circumstances in Israel. 

However, the rabbis advised the students to refrain from taking trips during their vacation.

Always one to hedge his bets, Rabbi Elyashiv, in a “private conversation,” (i.e., one with complete deniability), is reported to have said:

“If I could, I would lock the boys behind a heavy door during the present situation. The circumstances are tough. Jewish blood is being spilled like water. Is this a good time to take trips?”

Of course, Rabbi Elyashiv could forbid those trips, and the vast majority of haredi yeshiva students would listen to him. He could also forbid the entire vacation from learning and demand the yeshivas stay the course. But he and the other haredi rabbis did not do, despite earlier reports to the contrary.

Haredim vacation while Israel burns. Never forget that.



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13 responses to “Yeshiva Students Take Vacations After All; Rabbi Elyashiv Calls On Israel To Seriously Consider Truce Offers

  1. Shmuel

    He’s afraid of angering the nations of the world? Sounds like he’s quoting BT Kesubos and its 3 vows discussion. Not exactly the kind of stuff the army and the cabinet take into account, now that a state is in place. Should Israel really care what 22 Islamic nations think? Or France, the prostitute of the Muslims? Israel, wipe out Hezbollah and do a favor for your citizens.

  2. Josh

    Scotty dear,

    Does your honour ever take vacation? I know that you never vacate from your committed life mission of Jew-bashing on your infamous webpage.

    Perhaps the idea that they teach in the Habad Yeshivot is appropriate concerning all Yeshivot: In Israel, rather than using the secular American term of “vacation” which etymologically is related to being “vacant and Devoid” of Torah observance, they say “holiday”.

    The Habad Rebbes (your arch enemies) preferred to use that term because as students naturally need the time-off, but not in a manner that is devoid of religious observance. Thus this time can be sued truly as a “holiday” – time to recharge ones batteries and energy to continue their studies with greater vigor.

    Hopefully, you don’t hate every aspect of Orthodox Jewry. There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking a holiday break, or if you prefer vacation, as long as it isn’t “vacation” from Torah.

  3. You all know what I feel about able-bodied Israelis of military age who sit safely in yeshiva while others are being shot at. And R. Elyashiv comes off like a ghetto Jew worrying about what the goyim will say, but what do you expect from him? Trying to be “dan l’kaf z’khut,” some of those bahurim are probably Zaka or Magen Daved Adom volunteers who have their hands full during their “vacation.”

  4. Dag

    Normally, I would say that people’s vacation plans are no one’s business. BUT I cannot tell you how many times I have heard Charedeim claim that they shouldn’t join the Israeli Army because their learning is fighting the REAL battle for Israel. They are the real soldiers. The soldiers are the Hishtadlus we must take, but victory is won in the Beis Medrash.

    If they truly believe that, why the HELL are they going on Bein Hazmanim vacation during a shooting war? If they believe their learning fights for Israel, that their learning is more important than the actual boots on the ground, Bein Hazmanim should have been canceled this year so the Yeshiva soldiers can do their duty to G-d and country when it counts the most. I am betting that most scheduled vacations for IDF soldiers have been cancelled. Why not cancel Bein Hazmanim?

    It is clear that either they don’t believe their own assertions about learning fighting the true battle OR they don’t care for Israel’s future and the lives of other Jews.

    Neither option is very positive.


  5. Anon

    It is said that Herod, when reading the Torah came to the part stating not to put a stranger{NonIsraelite}started to weep. Him being an Idumean. Well all these so called sages rabbis pharisees,whatever, tried to comfort him and tell him “You are our brother Herod” How true that Maasei Avot Siman Labanim.

    Ben Zakaiturned tail and groveled in front of the Romans to save the black hats of his day there in Yavneh.

    Why oh why did we ever let these shysters pull us into some crazy system that leaves them as the Gods Court,Jury and Executioner, while pretending to be some sort of protectors of the people and ergo steal our loyalty thru false premises? They dont protect anybody but their own blackhatted crew.

    Look at this two faced cobra in the above article. He fears men more then God??? Isnt that what makes a Ganaf worse then a Gazlan, because a Gazlan is daylight bandit who fears neither God nor Men, but the Thief at night dosent fear God but he fears men.

    He is all ready to run out the hordses Vespasian/Hezbollah and sell the rest of us out.

    This whole bogus studying as a weapon is a bunch of Rabbinic mumbojumbo akin to the 72 Virgins maises that the Imams feed their ignorants, all to maintain the status quo Were these people better then Daveed Hamelech who was Ish Milchama??? They sure found all sorts of Prosbuls of why their palefaced asses cant go out and fight with
    their brothers.

    When was the last time you heard of any of these pachdanim in the last century showing an example and leading their students to defend the helpless in Jewish Society. They talk big about Ahavat Hesed, but how many of those leeches have ever spent a good day just that, mowing an elderly person lawn because they cant afford to and are too frail???
    And it is the very same people that die to defend them in their homes that they wont lift a finger to help using excuses created by a system that they themselves put into place.

    Shmarya, can you maybe put some positive news in about Jews who might be frum but will step on these Rabbis beards and kick them aside to go to help rather then sit in front of a book or go on vacation.

  6. Franji

    R’ Eliashiv, said what he said on the subject of vacation in Bein Hazmanim,
    as being the Lithuanian Chief, he had
    to show the world who is the boss.
    That is -in his opinion- neither Rabbi Yosef , nor the Hassidic Bostoner Rebbe who requested the Yeshiva Bachurim not to take a vacation.
    He had to say the opposite, I can see no other intelligent reason.

  7. Anonymous

    Why don’t you guys volunteer in the IDF? sitting on your ass all day on the internet does just as much for Israel as the haredim on vactaion. You’re all morons. Scottys exempt though he’s too fat for the army.

  8. Shmuel

    See what G-d thinks about the vaunted nations in Isaiah 40:15-17. Appropriate reading, since it’s Shabbos Nachamu. I don’t think we need to be concerned about what the nations think; G-d certainly coouldn’t care less. And amazing, isn’t it, that a charedi rabbi, who thinks the nations are not created btzelem Elokim, should be concerned about what they think?

  9. avrohom


    You are almost crossing the line.

    While you make valid points; you don’t need be incendiary about then (…”burns charedi burns…”. Especially that this incendiary point did not happen yet for you to make it (if G-d fobid that happens you will be entitled and perhaps obliged to make that point respectfully).

    In the meantime though it did not happen. So you can make the other points without being so divisive. Especially when it may turn out that that many/most will spend their full time learning in htier botey medrash. (Otherwise you wil have an extremely strong point and i agree with you that it is wrong for them to take a “break” while others are fighting).

    But with regards to your other points: You and your friends will constantly forget the source for all this tzoro: The polcies of appeasing to the enemy borught us to where we are. THe concessions to unilaterally flee lebanon directly brought this tragedy of hezzbollah militia state within a state. There was amonst Jewish leaders, a very vocal leader for the past 30 years who vociferously pointed out for all the maladies that would follow after these concessions. And you know who that was: the Lubavtciher Rebbe! He predicted so many of all that is happeninig now. Otoh, the other leaders, especially the secular ones who do not beleive in Almighty G-d, who do not beleive in ORal Torah, who mock tradition and the people who observe them THEY AND THEIR policies have led to all of our maladies. and yet, I fail to see YOU and others who vouch for them say: “WE made a mistke” (as opposed to bashing the Rebbe and other jewish traditiona leaders). you should ALL be ashmaed of yourselves for all your mockings and derision at this giant in leading the jewish people for having such short sight for believing in all the secular gods of the modern world that would rid us from all the our maladies. And many of your so called leaders (most of the non orthodox leaders) have spoken highly of Oslo etc. DEMANDING that we should follow it blidnly. a little more discretion and humility is required by your people.

  10. Barzilai Hagiladi

    And you know who that was: the Lubavtciher Rebbe!
    humility?! *

    yes him and umpteeth generals and party leaders in israel who at least know what they are talking about.
    so with 6 million citizens of Israel who @ least live there. They alllll know better.
    prophet he wasn’t, moreh halakha in military matters, even less so!
    in any case he never recognised the state as not based on halakha; so no matter what israel’s government did, he reserved the right to criticise them.
    but now, it doesn’t matter much as he has died over a decade ago.
    his advise is no longer current!

    * humility ? – take the beam from between your eyes!
    More on habad and humility (seems the twain never met) – yehalelukha a’heirim velo fikha!

  11. Franji

    Herod too? I know of Agripas in Sotah Daf 41:1.

  12. avrohom

    “yes him

    ” and umpteeth generals”

    But they did not raise their voices so loud (some did)

    ‘and party leaders in israel”
    Maybe some. But most, even from the rightist likud bought the concept (which led to the disasters) of :land for peace!”.

    “who at least know what they are talking about”.

    You sicko have respect! Shamrya you understand: You cannot go on having people deriding with isrespct people who are respected by others the way you do. If you do then everything here is fair game.

    “so with 6 million citizens of Israel who @ least live there. They alllll know better”.

    They didn’t know so well as they elected people who bought the concept of “land for peace” and implemented all those drastic concepts intopractice and we are fighting this war vecauseof all thosepolicies etc.

    prophet he wasn’t, moreh halakha in milit”ary matters, even less so!”

    That is your poor opinion and unhumble opnion. In practice though, he nderstood military matters as the the mitlary people went to visit and consult with him! and not with you!

    “in any case he never recognised the state as not based on halakha; so no matter what israel’s government did, he reserved the right to criticise them”.

    non sequitor and “eynoy medabel lehainyan” we are discussing the right or wrong of a particular position. He was PROVEN to be right and all those who diagreed with him were pROVEN to e wrong! and they do not have the humility to say “We errred” in matters of LIFE AND DEATH!

    but now, it doesn’t matter much as he has died over a decade ago.
    his advise is no longer current!”

    Although yo are dead (because reshoim bechayehim kruyim messim) as our chazal say, his directives matter now more than ever, for the teachings of “no land for peace” matter now more than ever, for the dust will sttle (andwe will hiope that is soon) the discussions will begin immediately and there should be clear that NO MORE AND ENVER weill we sell the land for “pieces”!

    * humility ? – take the beam from between your eyes!
    More on habad and humility (seems the twain never met) – yehalelukha a’heirim velo fikha!

  13. NoDemonstrations

    Rav Elyashiv shlita is old and unwell and who knows who is manipulating him for what purposes at this time.

    In the meantime, Hatzoloh and Zaka unfortunately must be very busy indeed.

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