The War: An Opposing View

Amotz Asa-El has a very different view of this war than Ari Shavit. Asa-El sees Israeli victory with lots of drawbacks for Hezbolla. I don’t buy it, but I certainly hope it is so.

[Hat tip: MentalBlog.]



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2 responses to “The War: An Opposing View

  1. avrohom

    it’s like it says in chassiidus “sheny deoys …ushnhem emess” they both have points. But as far as the strategic objective is concerned and the overall analysis Shavit has it closer to the truth. The blow to deterrence and the asssessment of what happened to every level in society since the CONCESSIONS AND STUPID FORMULAS AND EMPTY SLOGANS (“LAND FOR PEACE”) ARE REAL AND TRUTH.

  2. War On Islam

    Any “peace” that allows another missile buildup, is a set up for another war.

    Most Arab forums where I am registered, post a significant number of terror supporters who believe that Israel will be destroyed on August 21, 2006. It is wishful thinking, but Israel should use it as a pretext for nuking Iran.

    If you are a terrorist; then you are a target. If you support any terrorist group, then you are a target.

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