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5 responses to “TORAH CODES REVEAL IDENTITY OF ANONYMOUS BLOGGER – UnOrthodox Jew “Is Gil Student”

  1. Anonymous

    fucked up image

  2. Dovi

    You say in the rules that we must use facts and logic. At the top of the web-site you say ‘The seal of G-d is truth.’

    So I’ll play by your rules, even though you don’t play by your own.

    Have you ever heard of the Chafetz Chaim? I’m glad he didn’t live in this generation, to see so called ‘Torah’ Jews rip apart the real Torah Jews, and cause such arguments. But, maybe he is one of the people you don’t hold of? If you would read his book, you probably violate every single thing he says there, just by the fact of your website existing. Don’t you want the Bais HaMikdash rebuilt? Don’t you feel for the plight of the Jews in Israel? – Obviously not, because it’s people like you who causes Hashem to delay the Geula.

    Oy! I hope that Hashem gives you a chance to do Teshuva – no Jew deserves geihinom, there’s always oppurtunities to go back and repent! But, the Rambam says that those who make the masses stray won’t get a chance to repent! Hashem Yeracheim Alecha.

    I post even though I am sure you will delete it as sonn as you see it – just in the hope that some people do read it.

  3. Paul Freedman

    I dunno–I see Lollypop, I feel the shadow of the upper worlds. Gil Student, this is a show-business feud?

  4. Dovi,

    Please mind your lashon hara and try to enjoy the joke for what it is — a joke.

  5. Dovid Lerner

    Suddenly I feel better about the way I waste my time… 🙂

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