Accused Pedophile Rabbi Yehuda Kolko Stlll Working With Young Boys

Accused pedophile Rabbi Yehuda Kolko is still working with young boys. NY Magazine reports:

Rabbi Yehuda Kolko continues chaperoning kids. The Orthodox Brooklyn rabbi named in two sexual-abuse lawsuits was spotted on July 20 handing out tickets, driving a go-cart, and making arrangements with security at Lake Compounce, a family theme park in Connecticut that he’d rented out in the past when he worked for a prominent Flatbush yeshiva and its upstate summer camp. A first-grade teacher at Yeshiva Torah Temimah for four decades, Kolko stands accused in civil court of molesting three boys in the seventies and eighties; the charges are too old to make the criminal statute of limitations, but the school and its summer camp, Silver Lake, still suspended Kolko in May. “Everyone was shocked that he showed his face there,” says an eyewitness. “His sons were all around him, making sure no one started anything up.” The yeshiva’s attorney, Avi Moskowitz, maintains that Kolko has nothing to do with Camp Silver Lake and that he was not in charge of the July 20 event. “Obviously, the camp has no control over where he goes and what he does,” Moskowitz says. But sex-abuse plaintiff David Framowitz is confounded: “He’s walking around kids in bathing suits. Nothing has changed. All of those kids are potential victims, and everyone’s been warned.”

Apparently Kolko’s “suspension” by Camp Silver Lake is fraudulent. Perhaps he is working ‘without pay’ or for another organization affiliated with the camp. He may even be on the camp’s official payroll.

This all happens with the sanction of haredi rabbis – rabbis who need to be removed from public Jewish life immediately. The best way to achieve goal is to cut off all funds to all haredi institutions and rabbis until the offending rabbis are verifiably removed. Starve the beast.



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2 responses to “Accused Pedophile Rabbi Yehuda Kolko Stlll Working With Young Boys

  1. Anonymous

    OK Scotty, cut off all your funds.

  2. NoDemonstrations

    Haredi institutions are supported mostly by haredim. And if others cut off funds, they will just contribute more or find other ways of funding. Besides, every institution is independent – do you think that a Gerer or Bobover diamond dealer is supporting this Camp Silver Lake or Torah Temima? If you want to do something, get the donor list and write letters to each person on it. But you better have proof. You might on Kolko, but too much time has passed, and there is also a chance this is a McMartin case or a revenge case. Mondrowitz is not supported by anyone of importance and NEVER was – he ran before anyone could do anything about him.

    And I guess you also want to see HASC, Ohel, Tomchei Shabbos, Chai Lifeline, Meir Panim, Yad Sarah, etc lose funding because of what amounts to a few miscreants who are being mishandled – as if the secular world, let alone MO which also has allowed molestors to operate (and Reform which is full of sexual scandal), knows how to handle these sociopaths.

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