IDF Talking Coup?

The Israel Insider has a shocking piece claiming Olmert botched the Lebanon war by ignoring long-standing IDF plans to fight it. Olmert was also allegedly given the “green light” by the US to attack Syria, which shelters and arms Hamas and Hezbolla. Olmert refused the offer:

The scenario was that Syria, no military match for Israel, would face a rapid defeat, forcing it to run to Iran, with which it has a defense pact, to come to aid.

Iran, which would be significantly contained by the defeat of its sole ally in the region, would have found itself maneuvered between a rock and a hard place. If it chose to honor its commitment to Syria, it would face a war with Israel and the US, both with military capabilities far superior to Iran’s. If Teheran opted to default on its commitment to Damascus, it would be construed by the entire region, including the restless Iranian population, as a conspicuous show of weakness by the regime. Fascist regimes such as that of the ayatollahs cannot easily afford to show that kind of weakness.

But that is not all:

Some senior officers have been mentioning the C-word in private conversations. They have been saying that a coup d’etat might be the only way to prevent an outcome in Lebanon that could embolden the Arab world to join forces with Syria and Iran in an all out assault on Israel, given the fact that such a development would be spurred entirely by the Arab and Moslem world’s perception of Israel’s leadership as weak, craven and vacillating, and therefore ripe for intimidation.

The people of Israel won’t support a coup, and the army is not likely to follow leaders who institute one. But one thing is manifestly clear, even if this report is completely false – Olmert must be democratically removed. This will happen, perhaps by next year.

[Hat tip: Brooklyn Cowboy.]



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5 responses to “IDF Talking Coup?

  1. Ma. Rabbi

    For once I agree with you Olmert must be removed ASAP

  2. Anonymous

    Since they are not democratically elected they do not need to be “demcroticlly removed. In what democracy does a judge hold people without cause for weeks, especially minors? In what democracy are people forbidden access to their holy site yet same privlege is granted to enemies of this so called democracy under guise of “possible violent eruptions” yet have no trouble bringing in thugs to remove people from their homes with beatings and broken bones. Why is the right to pray at Har Habait not protected in this same way?? Democracy???ROFLMAO

  3. Ma. Rabbi

    The main point of this article is that Israel was prepared and had a brilliant plan to attack Hezbollah headquarters on the first day of the war but OLMERT VETOED THE PLAN. No wonder General Uzi Adam is angry. He is being made the fall guy for Olmerts incompetence..
    This article should be required reading for everyone who is following the war.

  4. Jerome Soller

    Unbelievable. Fox News just announced that the “&*ck*%%” Olmert just delayed the massive ground attack in southern Lebanon and had many of the troops return to Israel. I can not imagine how demoralizing this is to the troops to have them sitting around playing poker, being stationary targets, and how many lives will be lost on both sides due to Olmert’s hesitence to pay the price for a more lasting peace. Olmert continues to play games, while blowing an opportunity to land a lasting blow on Hizb’Allah. At this rate, an international peace keeping force will be there in the future, to provide a human shield to Hizb’Allah, while they restock their Iranian weaponry, expand their numbers, and retarget Israel with more accurate, longer range rockets. May Hashem grant Israel some competent leadership, and may Olmert get booted out of office as quickly as possible.


  5. Neo-Conservaguy

    How can it be that everyone is now an expert at military strategy? People confuse real life with the war movies they’ve seen and the computer games they’ve played. No one in the public has access to all off the information, so how about letting the military professionals do their jobs without harassment from with the politicians or the public?

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