Frum and Brown

Miss Shona of Shona’s Porch has started a forum for Jews who are both frum and black, African, etc. – Frum and Brown. A small and under served segment of our community has needed a voice for along time. Hopefully Frum and Brown will be that and more.



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6 responses to “Frum and Brown

  1. Frum and Brown? Why? Why not integrate into the larger Jewish community? Why seaprate yourself based on color?

  2. Anonymous

    In my experience, most black and frum people get stared at and greeted with skeptisim ( sorry for the bad spelling and grammar) from white frum jews. Perhaps a forum where they can deal with racism within the jewish community is a good idea.

  3. annonymous

    Mazeartist is cute. So very cute. Will this cutey marry a brown frum yid? What will he say when her/his kid brings home a brown frum yid?

    I know a few highly accomplished brown frum yidden and it is quite hard to find a shiduch. They don’t go to minglers and only go out through introduction. They are part of the frum community but they are isolated as they are not even thought of as equal to the . . .

    Kudos to Ms. Shona.

  4. Neo-Conservaguy

    Why do any Jewish groups differ from each other? Because they’ve developed over two thousand years (plus) in different places. The ink wasn’t dry on the Shulhan Arukh before the Rema was writing his gloss explaining how differently Jews in his area did some things from what R. Caro knew of in his area. Was either wrong? Nope, just different.

  5. Thank you for the support. If you have issues you would like to discuss with me personally, you can always shoot an e-mail my way. 🙂

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