KIRUV CLOWNS: Launches Jewish ‘Humor Site’ As Missiles Land

Jlatimetolaugh230X150, always a bastion of good taste, has taken the term “kiruv clowns” to new heights by launching a Jewish humor site on a day when missiles are landing on Israeli soil, killing and injuring Israelis. In an explanation of the launch, Richard Rabkin, the site’s editor, steals an old Yiddish joke and, without noting the joke’s pedigree, updates it and uses it to defend the timing of the launch. Worse yet, the site is not particularly funny. has little to fear.



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8 responses to “KIRUV CLOWNS: Launches Jewish ‘Humor Site’ As Missiles Land

  1. Jerome Soller

    I don’t see why this is relevant. During times of war, should everything else stop. Then, the enemies of the Jewish people win. Anyway, the greatest enemy of Israel and the Jewish people is Olmert, Israel’s incompetent and arrogant prime minister. May he be rapidly removed from that position.


  2. C-Girl

    The Mark Schiff video on the homepage bombed so badly the UN had better order a cease fire on his material in order to protect innocent viewers.

    (badum- bum).

  3. I’ve got to add that link to my blog. I enjoyed it! Reminded me of a couple lines from Siegel’s “For the Jokers”: “We made them laugh for You, O L-rd. No pain ached their hearts during our routines. When they roared in the aisles, they did not curse Your gift of Life, They did not rail against the tragedies they saw.”

    Laughter helps us deal with the pain around us. And right now, I think we’re all in need of a good laugh.

  4. NoDemonstrations

    The place to go for real original Jewish humor is but the guy who does it is busy these days and doesn’t update it the way he used to. He attacks the problems you attack, but he does it with satire and parody and does not mention names except when it comes to fellow comedians and very certain circumstances.

  5. Ran out of Chabad material?

  6. ibn tznunya

    I agree with you completely. There is no room for levity amongst Diasporah Jews while our fellow Jews in Israel are suffering. Some people “get it” and sadly some don’t.

  7. After 9/11, the leading stand-up comedians of new York had a humorous fundraiser, are they also to be criticized? The only thing Aish should be criticized for is jokes that are not funny.

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