Rubashkin To Workers: Steer Clear of Union “Devils” Conservative rabbis still mum as non-glatt meat flows to Conservative outlet

The Forward reports:

Already facing scrutiny over its treatment of workers, the country’s largest kosher slaughterhouse is being accused of distributing a leaflet that warns its employees against the return of “union devils,” and of telling workers not to get “tricked into signing a card for the Union.”…

Also interesting is the following:

Father Floyd Paul Ouderkirk, the priest at the Catholic church in Postville, said that the company engaged in a campaign to convince workers not to speak with either the union or the Conservative movement’s task force. Ouderkirk says workers told him that AgriProcessors held meetings in which the company threatened to dismiss employees who spoke negatively about the company to outsiders.

Union leaders echoed that claim; they also alleged that while the Conservative task force was in town, the company performed “surveillance” on workers who spoke with the rabbis and has since interrogated some of those employees.…

Mike Thomas, a spokesman for AgriProcessors, denied that the company had threatened employees or that it had done anything to hinder the work of the task force, which was headed by Rabbi Morris Allen, co-chair of the social action committee of the Conservative movement’s Rabbinical Assembly.…

The Conservative task force was in Postville for two days last week. Members of the task force said they would have no comment until they have a chance to review their findings.

I noticed a suddenly-plentiful supply of non-glatt meat at the store Rabbi Allen patronizes. It seems to have arrived just before he and the Conservative rabbis finally went to Postville.

Were workers intimidated by Rubashkin? Was that intimidation, if it took place, illegal? I don’t know. But this I do know – Rubashkin’s word cannot be trusted.


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One response to “Rubashkin To Workers: Steer Clear of Union “Devils” Conservative rabbis still mum as non-glatt meat flows to Conservative outlet

  1. Elizabeth

    (I originally posted this in the wrong place)

    Rabbi Allen is a vegetarian. He encourages his congregants to go this route, too. Why is he on this committee? He has no assistant rabbi to help pick up the slack. Rabbi Allen is so busy with all his social action committees, he doesn’t have time to give to his congregants.

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