A Lesson Sill Not Learned

From today’s halakha at DailyHalacha.com:

Rabbi Moshe Feinstein (Russia-New York, 1895-1986) records in his work Iggerot Moshe a question he was asked as to whether Yeshiva High School students may be shown the answers to the Regents’ Exams before the tests, so that they will not have to study the material and could use the extra time for Torah study. Rabbi Feinstein responds by expressing his astonishment over the very posing of such a question. Cheating is a clear violation of Geneivat Da’at, and it cannot possibly be allowed even for the purpose of facilitating additional time for Torah study.

But the fake school lunch programs, welfare fraud, cheating on the Regent’s exam, embezzlement and other crimes that violate halakhot including geneivat da’at still continue. The senior staff person at the RAA (Igud HaRabbonim) has been involved in several such cases spanning 30 years, and he still holds his position. He also writes a regular column for the Jewish Press and is the rabbi of a Brooklyn synagogue.

The rot runs deep.



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7 responses to “A Lesson Sill Not Learned

  1. Anonymous

    Gershon the swindler Tannenbaum recently came back from a trip abroad. The JP just posted a photo of him there on their website http://www.jewishpress.com/page.do/19129/My_Machberes.html

    In case you see him, hold on to your wallet.

    He talks of immersing in the mikva of the Arizal. Gershon you ganef, immersion doesn’t clean you of geneiva.

  2. Anonymous

    Why does Hikind associate himself with such a swindler ?

    Tannenbaum is now asking for contributions for a King David foundation to be mailed to his address (http://www.jewishpress.com/page.do/19128/My_Machberes.html). People should beware, considering his past history.

  3. hashfanatic

    Because like attracts like.

  4. There are cheating scandals nearly every year, and yeshiva kids are involved, sometimes with “administrative support.” Rabbi Slifkin relates in his latest book how some yeshiva kids are actually told by their teachers or principals to deliberately give wrong answers on standardized tests when the correct answers contradict the flat-earth haredi party line. And then there are legions of kids who cannot answer the questions because they never learned the material, so if they want to pass cheating is the only option.

  5. Anonymous

    Let us be honest. It is a serious problem in some circles, but it is by no means universal, and it shouldn’t be made to sound so. There are fine, upstanding and honest members of our people.

  6. Nigritude Ultramarine

    If it’s for “parnassa” it’s מותר — at least that’s how many of these creeps live their lives.

  7. Frum Jew

    I stumbled across your site while looking for information about hechsherim, and I’m shocked that a Jew would write such things about other Jews.

    I taught math in a very frum yeshivishe school and under no circumstances would I ever have been allowed to show my students the Regents Exam ahead of time. It would have cost me my job! I myself had no access to the exam until it was given lest I fall prey to temptation myself. On the contrary, I was instructed that if a student failed, even by just a few points, and I truly couldn’t find those couple of points without going against my judgement, then I should just fail the student.

    What’s wrong with you to imply otherwise? Have you ever taught Regents subjects in a frum high school? You can’t get frummer than the school I taught in without going chassidish – and Chassidishe schools don’t offer Regents exams to begin with, so it’s schools like mine you’re talking about.

    Furthermore, I don’t know what fake lunch program you’re talking about. My children get hot lunches in school every day. You’re as anti-semitic as a neo-nazi. Shame on you.

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