The Exodus Decoded?

Hershal Shanks debates his friend (and mine) Simcha Jacobovici about his new documentary made with Titanic’s James Cameron – The Exodus Decoded. The Saudi Arabia location for Mount Sinai is mentioned in the Koren Tanach in the map section in the back of the all Hebrew edition, page 13.

The film opens on the History Channel this weekend.



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3 responses to “The Exodus Decoded?

  1. PishPosh

    Thank You Shmarya, I am going to dowload this exchange and reread it after watching the film.

  2. Felix

    I take any documentary SJ does with a grain (pound) of salt.

  3. Yos

    So far according to the History Channel, the exodus involved Greeks, Nomads, Canaanites, Rebel Egyptians, and Nubians. And they all worshipped Aten, a crazed priest of Osiris, and an obscure Ugarit deity named Yum. Someday I hope they give Israel Finklestein airtime so we can hear how Jews didn’t exist until twenty years ago when two Greek mental patients invented them after a marathon viewing of the original Star Trek.

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