Yuppistan, the Lost War and IDF Incompetence

Bradley Burston writes in Ha’aretz:

…These [Yuppies from Tel Aviv] are not conscientious objectors, who are few in number, serious of purpose, have a lot to lose by sincerely refusing to serve, and do lose a lot, beginning with prison.

These are the young who duck the draft by buying their way out, sleazing their way out, lying their way out using parents’ connections, any connections, anything not to serve, and not to pay the price.

But it doesn’t stop there.

There is also anger over Kirya Syndrome, the sense that a large percentage of the youth of greater Tel Aviv sees out its army service partly as nine-to-five bureaucrats in the IDF’s Kirya headquarters, and partly as nine-to-five mall rats in the adjacent Azrieli Towers shopping/dining/coffee and cake complex.

There is anger over the idea that life went on remarkably smoothly in the Kirya, despite the Home Front Command’s disastrous ill-preparedness for wholesale rocket attacks on civilian populations in the north, who were forced to live underground, often in states of distress and want, for weeks on end.

There is anger, no less, over the army’s signal failures in adequately equipping and even feeding the tens of thousands it sent over the line into Lebanon. This, as life in the Kirya spun along, well-fed, well-clothed, air-conditioned, close to home.

The anger became stronger this week, as reservists came back and begun to spill their experiences. There was the ambulance medic who took a wounded reservist from a medivac helicopter to the trauma room at Rambam hospital in Haifa, and heard only these words from the soldier:

“Do you maybe have some food? I haven’t eaten in three days.”

There was another reservist, barely a year out of his compulsory three years of service, whose company was so hungry that they all crowded into the house of an elderly Lebanese couple, to search for food.

“The couple were sitting there,” the soldier recalled Thursday. “They could have been my grandparents. It was a horrible scene.” Other units, left without supplies for days, broke into grocery stores, searching for water and food.…

Please read this entire piece.

[Hat Tip: Rabbi Ariel Sokolovsky.]



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4 responses to “Yuppistan, the Lost War and IDF Incompetence

  1. avrohom


    You should focus on the main thing of all the ills that you are gathering:

    They got caught up with their false and failed idols of “new middle east” and “peace” shmiess that they forsake the number one issue that Israel was always focused on: the enhancement of secuirty and upkeep of the IDf to the highest level. And here we got embroiled in a situation where we discovered that they were ill equipped and sent poor soldiers to die like that and were not equipped with food and nourishmnet.

    The lesson is: WE have to come back to the roots, to norishourselves with trust and belief in Hashem and not in people, to do what Hashem wants and not what the NYT and the Tribunes want, to listen to the ShluchanOruch even when it seems “archaic” and farfetched…but when Shulchan Oruch says that ceding to the terror enemy brings danger that is what we should listen to, not hocus pocus of “how can you talk such racist talk” and other blah blah blah…

    Maybe one good thing from this sad situation: that most people now can have the power understand and not listen to the yetzer hora, that all these “piece prizes” “nobel shmoble” and “peace with the arabs” and all concessions are not worth the piece of paper they were written on and from now on. we should say to the world: go to …. we will not budge from our land that Hashem gave us…we gave you enough and you want to erase us from the map…we are here to stay…no more need to negotiate period…not with arabs…not with french yimach shmom (who pushed us around and now do not want to send more than 200 when they promised to back the force) not the other antisemites…and enough of signing papares that make us look like clowns…”cease fire” to “disarm” hezbolah…when they are not going to disarm..going to be the backbone of that army (how foolish of this olmert to think a great idea that 15,000 lebanese are going to be at the border and ehzbollah is so happy…they are actually giving out money supplied by Iran etc. and they are smart to take over the country poltically also etc.) and rearm as of now more than before…let’s hope that when the time comes for round 2 orlmert shmolmert andcompany are gone for good!

  2. PishPosh

    “These are the young who duck the draft by buying their way out, sleazing their way out, lying their way out using parents’ connections, any connections, anything not to serve, and not to pay the price”

    When my first cousin went into the army in the late 60s, he almost got 4Fed because his eyesight was bad, really bad even with glasses and my Uncle had to pull out all stops to get them to induct him to serve at least in the clerical areas where he didnt need exacting eyesight like those looking down a rifle barrel. Had he not gone in my father told me, he probably could not have faced his friends who did serve, even if it was not his fault.
    That state of mind was a far cry from my days in Golani, wherein the soldiers seemed more concerned about the latest music and concerts back and electronic gizmos being released in their hometown as opposed to understanding the honorable role they played in serving and defending their country family and friends.
    I asked one fellow why it seemed that everybody had a keta(gimmick) to evade doing anything, after all this was Tzahal no? His response “It use to be only the bums would try to evade service and were greatly shunned, today its considered the smart thing to do if you can get away with it regardless of who you are.”
    Literally it was almost like serving with hundreds of Max Klingers.

  3. abed nego

    we have been bombarded here during the last few weeks in the community media, on the role of chabad in helping the war effort in israel.
    they were there everywhere, took photos on tanks, near tanks, helped people put on tefillin, they were dispensing food and drinks, clothing the naked, supervising the observance of the sabbath, some of the photos proving their omnipresence, suggest even running the war proper.
    reading reports created here by the well sheltered franchisees of the faith, they were there when they were needed, there was nobody else to rely on except them and avinu shebashamayim.
    right after the cease fire, we start reading from those who “never interfere in politics” veiled threats to the jewish state, that diaspora may drop it’s support to israel, the insinuation is very clear, if they chabad run the country, who needs the government.
    I was therefore comforted -and greatly amused- to read Jonathon Rosenblums article in the Jerusalem Post that lists quite a number of Orthodox Jewish organisations (mostly lithuanian chareidi) that did much of the things chabad took full credit for, without any regards to others.
    J. Rosenblum did not include chabad in his list just the same, but at least, he gave credit to at least a dozen or so bodies!

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