Beirut’s Last Jews

Ynet reports.


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  1. abed nego

    from ynet, “non political” chabad, develops new ways for “spirituality” on the sabbath:
    unconditional unity among fellow jews; they bring to the equation, profound political and military savvy, what could we say, real cheer leaders:
    Shabbat leaflets: Olmert fans Hizbullah flames
    Many Shabbat leaflets distributed in synagogues this past weekend criticize ceasefire deal with Lebanon, claiming Olmert failed in management of war, led to dire outcomes for Israel
    Efrat Weiss
    A tired leadership
    Chabad’s Shabbat leaflet, ‘Weekly Conversation’, echoed these sentiments. An article entitled ‘Misguided approaches that led to failure’ discusses the outcomes of the war.
    It states that “There has never been a time when the whole world, and in particular the Arab sector, has given Israel the time and opportunity to strike its enemies completely. There has never been a reality in which strong nations in the Muslim world declared that an Israeli war was, actually, part of a global war on terror and threats to world peace. For ages, there has not been such unity among the Israel people regarding a war.”
    According to the article, “now that the war is over, we can see how many opportunities were missed. The public yelled for an investigation of how this war was handled – from the political decision-making to the military management of the fighting – and rightly so.”
    “The leadership thought that there was an opportunity to win the war by aerial attacks, as if this were a hi-tech game being played on a computer. Only after we wasted precious weeks and lost our storming effect, they realized that in order to win, we must go in and subdue the enemy in a ground war,” it went on.
    The article praised the Israeli homefront, in contrast to the leadership. “It is a misguided approach to think that the nation is tired and unwilling to sacrifice. We discovered that the nation is willing to pay a high price, if only its leadership is decisive and acts properly. Reserves soldiers came, of their own accord, to help with the fighting, and residents of the north gave the IDF and the government every opportunity to complete the confrontation.”
    “The nation is not tired or pampered. This is the same Jewish nation that has unbounded willingness for self-sacrifice. Unfortunately, this nation has a leadership that is tired, as well as a rotten media, and these sources are the ones who evoke bad spirits and weakness and despondency. Perhaps the reckoning that has recently begun will solve the problems at their roots,” it concluded.

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