Ousters Are Not Enough

Yair Sheleg writes in Ha’aretz:

…This is the point at which our attitude toward corrupt individuals should progress from expressions of revulsion, such as “we’re sick of you,” to recognition of the fact that given Israel’s unique situation, political corruption, alongside a culture of spin and personal interests, is no less than an existential danger, as it undermines the basis for trust in the government and in the motives behind its decisions.…

However, this [political] conformism stemmed from the combination of a first generation of immigrants with the fear that internal chaos would increase the danger stemming from the external threat. Admittedly, politicians of the previous generation exploited this conformism to a nauseating degree in order to “feather their own nests.” But they would be well advised not to rely on it now, both because the current generation is more militant than that of its parents, and because the feeling today – just like after the Yom Kippur War, Israel’s only experience to date with “taking to the barricades” – is that refraining from a major shake-up is what would exacerbate the danger stemming from the external threat.

The solution cannot consist merely of replacing this or that official. In practice, the only thing that is keeping Ehud Olmert in office right now is the feeling that none of the available candidates is any better. The conclusion is that it is not enough to replace the cow with a donkey; it is more important to examine the political structure that has led to this lack of better candidates, and to the fact that for years, good Israelis have been fleeing politics, dropping out…

In other words, geneivafraud, corruption, nepotism, theft – carries a very high price tag. A valuable lesson, hopefully learned in time.



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8 responses to “Ousters Are Not Enough

  1. What occupation? You don’t occupy your own land.
    See my blog on the subject:

  2. hashfanatic

    Besides mentally torturing the mothers of children in three nations, over two continents, and killing so many innocent children, indeed without so much as a drop of remorse, what did this whole little exercise yield in terms of benefit to anyone?

    It’s too easy to chalk it all up to Olmert’s lack of military experience. That’s too easy.

    Face it; it’s not just that the response was disproportionate to the perceived threat.

    It ALWAYS is these days.

    Without acknowledgement of that, the state of Israel might just as well prop up Sharon in his old chair and move on, expecting the same corrupt moves and vision of the future the situation actually calls for.

  3. Melekh Eilam

    To those in the Diaspora being misled into believing that Chabad is now running the State of Israel.
    The following, are chareidi organisations that took part in the war relief effort. At least 20 folds that much of secular (yes- without discrimination of race, gender age and religious affiliation), and Dati Leumi took also an active part.
    The lnk is of Cross Currents
    Migdal Ohr
    Ezer Mizion
    Lema’an Achai
    Lezion Berina
    Ezras Achim
    Bnei Brak municipality
    Chazon Yeshaya
    Yisrael B’Yachad
    Ezra V’Chesed Mishnas Yakov
    Agudath Israel
    Mesamchei Lev
    Heichalei Oneg
    Yad Sarah
    Ezrah Umarpeh
    Bracha Rosenblum
    Eizer L’Shabbos

  4. Shmarya
    Is there a way I could contact you by email outside of leaving a comment here?

  5. Paul Freedman

    hashfanatic: I don’t think so in the long run. The threat remains existential. I don’t know what would be disproportionate in the long run to the desire of Hezbollah-Iran-Syria to eliminate Israel. The ethics of reliance upon air power etc. when the government doesn’t know what it’s doing imo is a separate issue. It would be one thing if Israel’s enemies were all pretend, convenient fictions on which to peg a policy of blind, corrupt, wanton and indiscriminate destruction. They mean what they say.

  6. Paul Freedman

    Melekh Ellam: do you and yours have any political or general views on what has occurred? Or do you stay out of that?

  7. avrohom

    These guys are unreal. Katyuchas flying over a million people’s area is not a threat? These voices belong to haters of jews and they are irreelavant today.

  8. Melekh Eilam

    Paul Freedman
    sure i do. my views however, are from an israeli perspective that wants to keep my religion in my synagogue. citizen/government rights and obligations are distinct subjects.
    what happened is the concern of israeli citizens not that of others.

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