Prague Seeks New Rabbi

From JTA:

The Prague Jewish community is searching for a new rabbi.

Following the departure last week of Meni Kalcheim, assistant rabbi to Czech Chief Rabbi Karel Sidon, the 1,500-member community is seeking a replacement.

Kalcheim, an Israeli, was on a three-year contract to assist Sidon. He hopes to maintain ties with the community although he and his wife sought to be closer to their family.

The community is now seeking a more permanent rabbi who could replace Sidon, 64, when he eventually retires. Community chairman Frantisek Banyai said the community was seeking someone who had both rabbinical training and an advanced university degree.

The candidate does not necessarily need to speak Czech, Banyai said, but would have to commit to learning the language as quickly as possible.

The rabbi likely would have to speak English, since many Jews from around the world visit the Prague community each year.



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4 responses to “Prague Seeks New Rabbi

  1. European

    They forgot to mention! …and DONT like Chabad…” becuase there is a Chabad Rabbi there and he very much liked by everyone besides a few…”heads” . Its very sad!

  2. Anonymous

    It would be a disgrace if the Lubavitcher sect would be allowed to get it’s hands on a venerable ancient kehillah like Prague. It’s bad enough when they take over younger kehillos or start their own temples, but to let them desecrate the city where so many great Rabbonim were and import their deviant heretical theology there, would be a real travesty.

  3. ridiculous....

    To the last poster… have you any idea what goes on in Prague? A closed, insular dying community, nasty to anyone aside for tourists who pay to enter museums. Chabad caters to the tourists and expats, and is appreciated because of it’s sincerity and warmth. I resent the fact that any mention of Chabad brings comments such as “import their deviant heretical theology there”. It’s quite possible to teach basics of Judaism in beginner classes and preschools without ‘deviant heretical theology’. Quit reading blogs and go see for yourself.

  4. Schneur

    The “rabbi” who is leaving was recently publically criticized for being involved in a dubvious conversion scheme involving many potential converts..
    There are more than afew Israelis serving as jewish clergy in Central(Germany) and east Europe ethically challenged . I will not mention names. Some are involved in dirty divorce issues and took up with local women, others are involved in conversion for money projects.
    The problem is that there are few serious men wiling to serve these tiny communities. The few serious people tend to be Lubavitcher people.

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