War Aftermath Link Dump

Residents of Northern Israel criticize Olmert, government. Money quote:

Olmert replied to the complaints by saying, “I would rather focus on the future rather than the past.… “

Reservists call on Olmert, Peretz and Halutz to resign. Money quote:

“We survived 13 days in Lebanon, not because of the army, but rather despite the army,” said Assaf Dovidov…

Hundreds of reservists protest war.

How corporate Israel saved the army:

In the midst of the war in Lebanon, as Bank Hapoalim staffers and executives toured the North, a few soldiers approached deputy chair Danny Dankner.

The soldiers told Dankner their concerns about their imminent entry into enemy territory without appropriate equipment. The soldiers talked about a shortage of flak jackets.

Dankner, together with chairman Shlomo Nehama and CEO Zvi Ziv, approved a purchase of the missing equipment. Instructions were sent immediately to the bank’s director of logistics Iki Tsur, and the next day the unit that had spoken to Dankner got 400 flak jackets valued at about NIS 400,000.

These were not the only troops who held out their hand to get equipment the Israel Defense Forces failed to provide to those it sent to battle: reservists and enlisted men asked for and received from corporations army shoes, towels and even toothbrushes.…

State comptroller to probe war conduct.


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