Major Fire At Empire Kosher

20060822 Empire1

A major fire at Empire kosher. No details yet as to the amount of damage or as to when production will resume.

[Hat tip: BK.]

UPDATE: Production to resume today.



Filed under Kosher Business?, Kosher Meat Scandal, Price-Fixing

2 responses to “Major Fire At Empire Kosher

  1. Anonymous

    The fire was not major and Schichita is to resume shortly.

  2. David

    Wouldn’t it be easier to just follow the line of reasoning proposed by Nachmanidies and the Vilna Goan themselves: that the process of creation is a mystery and that the Torah true answer is “we don’t know how it was done.” Even Rashi says the six days of creation were a different frame of reference from what came after. It would jive much better with the “operational science line.” After all, one could simply say: “I believe God created the universe, but I don’t know how. Science tells me how it works.” When asked: “how old do you believe the universe is?” The honest answer remains: I don’t know, but it appears to be very very old – which is not immediately relevant to my faith or my life.

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