Not So Fast: Aron Tendler’s LA Shul Still Leaderless

A reader forwarded the Anshe Emmes bulletin:

Update on Rav Summers

The Anshe Emes Kehilla should be aware that contrary to all the rumors going around , Rabbi Summers has NOT been offered the position as Rabbi at Sharrey Zedek. In addition, the Summers have not decided as yet if they would accept the job if offered (everyone should know what a difficult decision this is for them)! No matter what happens two facts must be clear,

The Summers WILL be at Anshe Emes for the Yamim Noraim and Succos.

Even if , the Summers do accept the position in the valley , Anshe Emes will , im yertze HaS, continue to be the vibrant and strong Kehilla that it is. In fact some outstanding candidates have already contacted the Shul inquiring about the position as Rav.

Therefore everyone should feel reassured about membership at Anshe Emes and that the special makom Torah will continue in the same derech as in the past.



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5 responses to “Not So Fast: Aron Tendler’s LA Shul Still Leaderless

  1. sz member

    Man, if my shul hires summers, i think i will just go to the chabad down the block. Friggin 1300 dollars a year to get a rabbi chosen by a bunch of dudes who inherited money on a silver platter and who feel guilty about it so they want a chofetz chaim kind of guy to soothe their conscience.

  2. sz member

    it is over. summers is being forced down out collective throats. Thanks alot Jim and Jack.

  3. a summers fan

    Personally I hope Rabbi Summers stays in Pico. I’ve known him for over 20 years. I’m a jeans wearing, modern/yeshivish guy. Rabbi Summers is not the stereotypical black hatted monster you are afraid of. He is easy going, kind, generous, accepting, super brilliant. You will not find yourself judged, you won’t feel uncomfortable, he won’t bite. You’d be lucky to have him.

  4. NOT a summers fan

    In response to the jeans wearing modern yeshivish guy, your description of y. summers is bull in a crockpot. If you do not fit to his mold, then he has no reason to pay any attention to you. If he’s looking for a new position, maybe he ought to look in a fishbowl. Maybe when Moshiach finally comes every Jew will fit his ideal mold.

  5. STILL NOT a summers fan

    And furthermore, if you (jeans wearing modern yeshivish guy) regularly attend the shul, then you would have been there on parshas Tetzaveh 5765 (or was it 5764? who knows?)- when Y. summers told his kehillah that just as the kehunah wore a designated outfit, true Anshe Emes wear a black suit and a black hat.

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