A Moral Question

I sometimes shop in a grocery store that has a program to aid various charities and schools. You deposit your receipt in a box labeled with the name of the particular charity, and a percentage of your purchase is donated to that charity. Now the question:

In effect, a donor is confronted with 10 simultaneous requests for money. Among the schools and organizations that benefit humans, like the Alzheimer’s Association, for example, is the Humane Society. Can one, all financial needs being roughly equal, donate to the Humane Society, in effect helping animals before humans? Or must one donate to the organizations that help humans, preferably selecting those with the best track records and most pressing needs?




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5 responses to “A Moral Question

  1. mb

    Sounds like the store is donating, not you.

  2. But to the charity I designate.

  3. Isa

    How many pennies out of a dollar bought (if that much) is a charity really getting?
    Hey I get dollar store sardines and fed them to the wild kitty kats at my Texas park.

  4. Dovid Lerner

    Nobody’s answering the question, so I think I’ll give it a shot.

    While everybody would agree that giving money to a humane animal shelter is a great and noble cause, however, I believe that putting food on starving peoples tables trumps it by a huge margin.

    And of course give to the one that gets the job done!

  5. Anonymous

    Okay, and now let’s argue about which human charities are more worthy. I mean, isn’t a contribution to the Alzheimer’s Association rather frivolous when, as Dovid points out, there are people who are actually starving?

    I think this is a silly discussion topic. Elimination of tza’ar ba’alei chayyim is also a form of tikkun olam. People should feel free to donate to any legitimate charity that moves them.

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