Why Most Of You Should Pray Rabbi Lau Is Not Israel’s Next President

A scandal? Nope. Under qualified? No. A bad guy? No. What, then, you ask? This:

… Ultimately, the choice of presidential candidate will indicate where Kadima and Olmert are headed. If they still go for Lau, it means that they still think the realignment plan [evacuating settlements] has a chance. If they switch to Rubinstein, it will signal that realignment is off for now and they’ve got to placate those who voted for another round of withdrawals.


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One response to “Why Most Of You Should Pray Rabbi Lau Is Not Israel’s Next President

  1. ZA

    There is of course one problem with that picture. As a founder of Meretz and Shinui, two vial racist and anti-religious political parties, his name is contaminated. Meretz once wanted to remove all religious Jews from the Israeli economics and drive them to poverty – I have hard evidence for that. Even though Rubinstein was not in favor of that particular move, he still chose to associate himself with that party. The vial anti-Semitism, guised as anti-religious, but racism nevertheless, of Shinui does not even need a proof as it is well known and understood.
    I am a pretty moderate person; I was ready to support a wide range of Israeli governments and their efforts and attempts of dealing with the Arabs. The previous government was the first one in my life I couldn’t have supported ever because Shinui was part of that coalition and I refuse to support any anti-Semitic party on principal. I actually lost any respect and would refuse any support to the NRP because they chose to sit in that government and showed how despicable they are.
    I will not, and would publicize that and try to influence others not to, support any anti-Semite as the president or any other official of Israel. I could not support any Anti-Semitic government of Israel and would not support such a president.
    Make no mistake; Shinui was not a political centrist party. Its platform could be reduced to the same two points of the political platform of the infamous first in the world anti-Semitic political party of Karl Lueger in Vienna of the eighteen seventies, namely:
    – We are honest and capable (which Lueger was but Shinui wasn’t)
    – We hate (religious) Jews
    Remember that Hitler admired and learned from Lueger who’d legitimized anti-Semitism as a political measure. Rubinstein did same and should not be elected as president. I would fight that and publicize my concerns even outside of the Jewish community if necessary. This monster has to go away!

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