VIDEO: Inside Lebanon With Israeli Soldiers

Watch as Israeli commandos soldiers attack a Hizballah stronghold. Video taken by an embedded Israeli journalist and originally aired on Israeli TV; commentary translated into English.

[Hat tip: Neo Conservaguy.]

UPDATE: If you’re having trouble using the above link, try cutting and pasting the link below into your browser window. If that does not work, try emailing the link to yourself and opening it from the email:



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2 responses to “VIDEO: Inside Lebanon With Israeli Soldiers

  1. Neo-Conservaguy

    Not commandos but rather “regular” troops – what a disorganized mess. The lack of night vision gear for most of the soldiers has been noted on military discussion groups. Amazingly, the government just decided to spend millions to order the much-needed equipment to give the troops a superior advantage during night operations – a day late and a dollar short for the brave guys in the video.

  2. Neal A

    wow…what a video…yeah there seemed like much confusion…but what a bunch of courageous guys…G-d Bless the IDF and may they continue to protect the Jewish people

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