More Rabbinute Corruption

Cronyism, chief rabbi style –the Jerusalem Post reports:

…Judge Dita Peroginin of the Jerusalem Regional Labor Court ordered the Chief Rabbinate to reinstate Moshe Salomom and Yosef Sherman, who she said were fired unjustly without being given a hearing.

Peroginin also ordered the immediate firings of Rabbis Yosef Minsky and Shneur Zalman Revach, who were chosen by Metzger to replace Salomon and Sherman. Both Revach and Minsky have close ties to the two chief rabbis. Minsky was an aide to Metzger while Revach worked with Chief Sephardi Rabbi Shlomo Amar via his Institute for the Study of Commandments of the Land of Israel, which Amar guided for many years.

In her decision, Peroginin stated: “The Rabbinate failed to prove the firings were justified…In contrast to the Rabbinate’s claims that Salomom and Sherman were incompetent, the testimony of Rabbi Ya’acov Sabag, Director of Kashrut Supervision in the Rabbinate, was nothing less than tremendous praise for the two men.”

Rabbi Eliyahu Maimon, the former head of the Rabbinate’s Industrial Kashrut Supervision department, also testified before the court on behalf of Sherman and Salomon.

The Labor Court judge said in her decision that Rabbi Meir Rosenthal, head of Metzger’s office, failed to prove there were substantive complaints against Salomon and Sherman.

Salomon and Sherman were represented by attorneys Yeshayahu Avraham and Moshe Ben-David. Avraham said that Rosenthal contradicted himself during the trial. In an affidavit, Rosenthal claimed that the firings were not made by the Rabbinate or by Metzger, but by an independent employment agency. However, Avraham produced a document signed by Rosenthal that ordered the firings and explained the reason for them. Rosenthal refused to comment on the court’s decision and said he needed time to study it.…


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