Where For Art Thou, Lamedzayin?

The 37th Tzaddik has suddenly disappeared. Anybody know what happened to him?



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7 responses to “Where For Art Thou, Lamedzayin?

  1. Anonymous

    Wondering same thing.

  2. Anonymous

    He moved up a slot, and is now a lamed-vovnik.

  3. D

    Not to be too pedantic but “wherefore”, in Shakespearian English, means “why” instead of “where”. Hence Juliet’s followup line of “That which we call a rose…” This one utterance is, by a country mile, the most mis-interpreted line in all of Bill’s literature.

  4. Anonymous

    I used google cache, to read the chicken posting

  5. michael ben drosai

    D is correct – it’s “wherefore art thou” – you must’ve been out that day studying chullin, shechita, copyright law and everything else

  6. Zayin Gadol

    He did teshuva… I saw him studying in some yeshiva in Monsey….

  7. Pretty funny handle there, ZG.

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