Kosher Meat Scandal Update, Monsey – Spring Valley

As reported below, non-kosher meat and chicken was sold as (glatt) kosher in Monsey. This announcement comes from the kosher supervisors of the establishment(s) in question:

The following revised kashrus alert is from Congregation Bes Tefilla on September 5, 2006.

Revised directive concerning meat and poultry bought at “Shevach Quality Meats’:

All meat and poulty and meat and poulty products (except those in the original packing of the kosher processing plant) which were purchased at the “Shevach Quaility Meats” during the past years may not be eaten.

All utensils that were definitely used hot (there is no safek) for the above food itmes must be kashered.

If chicken bottoms were purchased on Tuesday, August 29 or Wednesday, August 30, then utensils must be kashered even if there is a safek.

Ed. note: Information of kashering can be found at

The following kashrus alert is from Congregation Bes Tefilla on September 3, 2006.

Congregation Bes Tefilla has removed its kashrus certification from Shevach Quality Meats, Spring Valley, NY due to kashrus violations. There is an on-going investigation. Chicken legs from August 29 and August 30, 2006 that were labeled Kiryas Yovel or Vineland should not be used and any keilim used with them should be kashered.



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6 responses to “Kosher Meat Scandal Update, Monsey – Spring Valley

  1. Isa

    I had an grand uncle in-law who worked at a regular meat store (non-kosher)
    In comes the kosher butcher and orders a great quantity of meat.That day he stopped keeping kosher. This is what he told to me.
    Minneapolis in the 1950s

    THEN in todays world there seems to be rabbis whose greatest concern is the monthly check.

  2. MGreenbaum

    re: Monsey treif meat

    Rabbi Yisroel Belsky has paskened that there is no need to kasher any keilim. He says the meat can be eaten. He based his psak on the following. First, if Tumah is hutra b’tzibur than he said it is a kal v’chomer that non kosher meat is also hutra b’tzibur. Secondly, rabbi Belsky stated that he knows the owner of the butcher store and that he is certainly an “ish neeman” and therefore the rule of “eid echad neeman b’issurin” applies. Rabbi Belsky stated that many companies and hotels under the OU are beleived to have purchased meat from that store owner and that he feels there is no problem and no need to kasher.

  3. Schneur

    A number of issues concerning this scandal bother me.
    Firstly I am not a rov, so I leave the kshering issues etc to scholars such as the rabbis of Monsey and Rabbi Belsky.
    But if this is such a major and clear cut scandal, how is it that the main culprit’s name has been carefully hidden from the public. I am not suggesting that he be convicted prior to his day in court, but certainly the owner of Shevach can be named without prejudice. Yet in all of the literature about this story his name has been carefully hidden. Clearly he will live to do the same another day lets say in Atlanta, or Las Vegas or Houston.And clearly he has his supporters in the rabbinic world who for some reason are not able to publically name him !
    I do know his name but its important for every Orthodox Jew in the US to know the name of the person so that this act of his is not repeated 5 years down the road lets say in Vancouver or Portland, OR.
    Next why is it that the rav hamachshir R. Breslauer is not condemmed for incompetence in his hashgocha. This issue had been going on for months or even days, and the rabbi clearly was not checking the stock otherwise he would have seen that the product had no tags whatsoever.Its also evident that neither he or his “staff” had keys to Shevach’s freezers.Yet neither the rabbi or his so called mashgichim were aware of anything as clearly there was no hashgocha except for the name of the rav.As far as Breslauer is concerned he had nothing to do with the uncovering of this scandal.
    Yet Breslauer is getting off scott free. Should he not pay the Monsey Jews their expenses in kashering their kitchens. It was his laxity (even under yotze venichnas standards) that allowed this situation to stand.Where does the buck stop. In the frum world at the consumer’s door step.
    Imagine the rav hamachshir was Rabbi Safsel of the Tablet K or R. Harry Segal or rabbi Dov Hasdan or G-D forbid Rabbi Moshe D. Tendler , then these people would be roundly and publically condemmed But Breslauer is a club mamber so he gets off.
    By the way Breslauer’s shul was or still is an affiliate of KAJ in Washington Hts, (KAJ has a branch in Monsey led by Rabbi Levi). Breslauer’s father Rabbi Dr. Leo Breslauer was rav of a super right wing Yekkishe shul in WH called Kehillas Yaakov which was to the right of KAJ. Breslauer Sr. was a NK supporter.When he died letzonim suggested he be buried in Jordan.

  4. I wonder how much economic hardship is being caused by the requirement to kasher everything. As I was taught, silverware or keilim with plastic handles cannot be kashered, non-stick pans cannot be kashered, pyrex and corelleware cannot be kashered. It is pretty to see all the pictures of people boiling their pots, but how much stuff is going to have to be replaced?

  5. There are bad bad stuff going on…. you don’t want to know….

  6. joe

    do anyone know if the new process of needles in hatching chicken eggs what i saw at is a problem of kashrus in all our chickens.

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