Omri Sharon’s Bar Mitzva

Sharon Bar Mitzva

Former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and his family celebrate his son Omri’s bar mitzva – in Kfar Chabad.

More pictures here.



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2 responses to “Omri Sharon’s Bar Mitzva

  1. Schneur

    Sharon visited the rebbe a number of times. I first heard of Sharon through these visits. When I was in Israel in 1971 I purchased a bio of Sharon in Jslm and my Chabad friends enjoyed looking at it.
    As i have written many times the failure to appoint a new rebbe created a vacum in leadership. People like Sharon could have been influenced by a new rebbe , but the vacum allowed Sharon to wander in his own ways.

  2. NG

    And now they consider Sharon to have been terrible. That’s their reward for flattering and cozying up to politicians.

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