Only 44% Of Adult Haredi Men Work

The Central Bureau of Statistics has released its study of the Israeli workforce. 95% of secular men are employed, while only 44% of haredi men are. The vast majority of the unemployed haredim are kollel ‘students’ who rely on state welfare payments and other charity to survive. By contrast, 91% of Orthodox but non-haredi men (National Religious/Modern Orthodox) are employed. A similar breakdown is found among Israeli women.

More on haredi difficulties with employment.

[Hat tip: MB.]



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2 responses to “Only 44% Of Adult Haredi Men Work

  1. hashfanatic

    A lazier lot, you will never meet.

    Pathetic business ethics and hit-or-miss personal hygiene will always insure that, in the American workplace, they may be installed in their jobs, but are very rarely truly HIRED by their employers.

  2. DK

    44% work? I would never have imagined it was that high!

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