The Ethiopian Rollercoaster

The Rabbinute ruled Falash Mura are of Jewish ancestry and should be brought to Israel as any other Jews, with the caveat that a conversion must be done. The Falash Mura keep their part of the bargain. They study lean and pray as Orthodox Jews, and undergo full conversions without complaint. Israel, however, refuses to keep its end of the bargain, leaving more than 10,000 Falash Mura in squalid conditions in shanty towns on the outskirts of Addis Ababa. Ha’aretz’s Shmuel Rosner explains the forces at play. Note that Rosner does not mention the Rabbinute’s role. Also note that Rosner appears to be Orthodox.



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10 responses to “The Ethiopian Rollercoaster

  1. Sheket!

    It’s really sad to see that Jewish agencies are converting poor Ethiopian Orthodox Christians, just to make them second class citizens in an alien society for which they will be nothing more than canon fodder!

    If the criteria for making the aliya is the jewish ancestry, you could take all of the Ethiopian highland population to Israel – Jews, Christians and Muslims.

    Ye’israel Amlak kegna gar yihun!

  2. Tipat Mazal La Yehudim shel ethyopia

    Reply to Sheket:

    We need the Ethiopian immigrants to strengthn our community, to speak out and build a fortress against racism in israel.
    And yes, Ya’israel Amlak k’nia gar nehu.

  3. Sheket!

    So this is the reason that this people were brought to Israel? To make them martyrs? yes psychologically destroying them and their culture is a kind of dying!

    Racism already started upon their arrival! In utter disrespect people with so nice Hebrew / Semitic names as “Goldstein”, “Bergmann” or “Wolfkopf” forced them to change their names! And those who kept their names (those who came later)were made to write them in a very bastardized name so that no-one would ever find out that it’s an Ethiopian name!

    They are being told “No, you’re not Ethiopians you are Israelis now” and on the other hand there is a racism that destroys the community after having uprooted them! So they are indoctrinated to believe that they aren’t EThiopians and then on the other hand their first hand experience tells them that they’re not Israeli… Is the psychological destruction of a whole people really worth the experiment called “fortress against Racism in Israel”?

  4. Anonymous

    Habesha dude Sheket!
    Don’t rely on your own assumptions, and jump into these upsurd conclusions. There is problems like that everywhere you go in the world!

  5. Sheket!

    To Anonymous:
    Why are my assumptions absurd? Please tell me!

  6. Anonymous

    Yes, I do agree to Sheket I see rediculous names like Adego, Dago, Azano,etc… stupid fucking africanized slave names. I don’t know what the hell is up with changing a semetic Amharic name into these idiotic meaningless Kushi names.
    I hate fucking Akhenaz and stupid isralis

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