Haredim Convinced: Reincarnated Dog Begs Forgiveness

Where’s the Amazing Randi when you need him? Ynet reports:

Meah Shearim residents believe dog arrived at neighborhood to ask for absolution following death of resident early Saturday

Im000338-(Large) Wa

Hundreds gather to watch dog removal.

Im000334-(Large) A

The dog.

Im000336-(Large) A

The dog “willingly leaving” during kaddish.

The dog that stirred up Meah Shearim neighborhood: A 95-year-old Meah Shearim resident, Nahman David Dovinski, is said to have been “a righteous man, a worker of God, waiting every day, every minute, for redemption. He was really not of this world.”

Upon returning from the funeral, which took place on Saturday night, Dovinski’s family found an unfamiliar dog sitting on their doorstep. All attempts to remove him failed.

Dovinski’s family took the dog out of the neighborhood, but it insisted and returned again to the same house. From the early hours of the morning, endless attempts were made to expel the dog, but the dog refused to leave the house.

During the attempts at convincing the dog to leave, a neighborhood rabbi arrived at the house and instructed that the dog be served a Shabbat meal, in hopes that this would convince the dog to leave.

Only after the dog was told, “you are forgiven, you are forgiven, you are forgiven,” did it agree to taste the food it was served.

Residents and neighbors began wondering what the meaning of this strange event was, and turned to Rabbi Meir Brandsdorfer, who is considered one of the senior rabbis in the haredi congregation, for answers.

Rabbi Brandsdorfer recommended reciting Psalms and Mishnas. The rabbi himself left the home of the deceased at around 5 a.m. Sunday and headed towards the Mount of Olives in order to say Kaddish on Dovinski’s grave.

Neighborhood residents and family members report that the dog willingly left the house during the Kaddish.

A crew from Jerusalem municipality’s veterinary services arrived at the scene and picked up the dog, as hundreds of residents from Meah Shearim and other neighborhoods watched and escorted the vehicle that evacuated the dog.

Watch The Amazing Randi expose Uri Geller and others. You’ll love this.



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12 responses to “Haredim Convinced: Reincarnated Dog Begs Forgiveness

  1. meir

    is this what you call a shaggy dog story?

    gemar chatima tova

  2. nachos

    If the dog was truly forgiven, then why did it end up in the pound? I wonder if the dog will receive the death penalty at the pound. If it does, then was the dog truly forgiven?

    Is the rabbi that forgave the dog obligated to find it a home and save it from being put to sleep? What is the halacha?

  3. The Talmud urges us to show more compassion to animals seeking refuge. When a stray calf sought sanctuary with Rav Yehudah Hanassi, he shooed it away saying “Go! This is the purpose for which you were created,” and as a result the Talmud says he was afflicted with an illness. He only recovered when he made a t’shuvah in treating other animals compassionately (Baba Metzia 85a). It isn’t too late to save this dog (and the many animals which languish on the streets of Israel and in pounds). Please show kindness to this stray dog and find it the kindness and compassion of a good home.

  4. hashfanatic

    What a bunch of total morons.

  5. chaim

    what a chilul hashem
    this is exactly what chzal meant when they made this statement”kol talmid chacham sheain
    boy dass neveiloh sricha toiva memena

    what a bunch of morrons and idiots
    as a frum jew it makes me ashamed

  6. Paul Shaviv

    The fish in Monsey at least spoke …..

  7. Paul – LOL!!!
    L’shana tova u’metuka!

  8. DK

    This is a sure sign for us to all do tshuvah. We should all be michazek from this tragic tale (tail?).

    On the UWS, there are alot of rats all over the place surely seeking absolution.

  9. Kelev

    Maybe he was waiting for an aliyah for his Bark Mitzvah….

  10. Rin Tin Tin

    They imnportant fact you did not point out was that the dog had been circumcized-in fact one of the haredi rabbi mohels said he had performed the procecure two years ago and had given the dog mitizah be’peh.

  11. Yos

    At least it’s a white dog, right. Otherwise…

  12. Jerome Soller

    So what happened to the dog?


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