Nigerian Jews?

This video and the one posted immediately below were taken (it appears) by a Chabadnik traveling through Nigeria.

My first thought is they can’t be Jews – no one is talking, everyone is actually praying. And the children are too well behaved.

[Hat tip: Yoyo.]


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10 responses to “Nigerian Jews?

  1. Can you/anyone tell what it is they’re singing in this video? It sounds like יהי שם ה’ מבורך מעתה ועד עולם but it also sounds like there are other words there between some of the words.

  2. Jath

    this is amazing, the chabadnik is there, conducting the singing as the “groisse kleizmer”.
    yet chabad wants nothing to do with the ethiopian jews.
    are these guys more acceptable to chabad? otherwise, what is this shaliach doing there cheering merrily as they go on with their singing?
    at the same time, for many years now, chabad runs a (crypto) website not openly identified as theirs about the lost tribes, covering the subject from japan to burma to uganda to south america etc…
    at chabad however one never knows if what you see is what it is.
    looks like they are engaged with the tribes in coitus interruptus.
    on the one hand, they cheer them as a (limping) proof of the “rebbe induced” geula waiting at the door.
    on the other hand, they don’t recognise their “proof” as anything jewish.
    the bigger question is of course, how jewish is the kleizmer himself?

  3. Dr. F. L. Kotkin

    All the world needs God ,all the Jews need Torah, and not everyone can be a Franz Rosensweig.

  4. Rabbi S

    >My first thought is they can’t be Jews – no one is talking, everyone is actually
    praying. And the children are too well behaved

  5. Neo-Conservaguy

    This could well be an example of the type of “spontaneous Jewish” groups that are described in the book Fragile Branches by James R. Ross. The groups are often founded by a charismatic tribal leader that has taken a Bible and ripped off the New Testament section. At least one group has worked with rabbinic support in Israel and has had some members converted and made aliah.

  6. Anonymous

    Scott, you can close down now! After I saw the Chabadnik rochin with the gfroup I realized that your message must have penetrated. You can now retire. Lechaim!

  7. i saw this new site on anarchist chaidim, some of them it seems are chabad, its

  8. hashfanatic

    They absolutely care nothing for those Nigerian Jews, any more than they gave two flips for the Ethiopians.

    Trust me on that.

  9. Anonymous

    Leave Ethiopian Jews out of this! What is this? Ethiopian Judaism joke to you?
    This is despicable and you all know it!

  10. hashfanatic


    The Chabadniks hate them all, and you know it.

    No sacred cows here….

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