L’Shana Tova U’Metuka, Kitiva V’Hatima Tova

Reb Yid-1

In keeping with the Breslov-themed post immediately below, here is a drawing of a Breslover hasid I made many years ago. I just ran across this in what passes for my files. It’s not exactly a personalized Rosh HaShana card, but I hope it will do. May all of my readers, even those of you who heap piles of venom on me, be inscribed and sealed for a good, sweet and healthy year.

Bonus trivia: Today is the day in 1964 that Fiddler on the Roof opened on Broadway. The highly sanitized version of the original Sholem Aleichem stories would spark interest in pre-Holocaust Eastern European Jewish life, particularly hasidism, and play a major, if unintended, role in the fledgling ba’al teshuva movement.

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