Matisyahu Messianist

Tzemach Atlas has two posts on his trip to Crown Heights for Rosh Hashana. He closes one post by noting the first person he ran into in Crown Heights was Matisyahu, coming out of the Lefferts mikva wearing a “Yechi” yarmulke. He also has pictures of Chabadniks lining up to get wine “from the Rebbe” and related avoda zara.



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3 responses to “Matisyahu Messianist

  1. zemeni

    I love Matisyahu!! Reggae is the true biblical music.

  2. 1

    I fail to understand why would anyone consider the custom of “getting wine from the Rebbe” avodah zorah while not considering cup for Eliyahu during the Seider also “avodah zorah” who made you a posek on avodah zorah anyway?
    What right do you have to accuse G-d fearing Jews of avodah zorah based on a custom that is similar to other Jewish customs which are “mainstream”?

  3. The Rebbe is no longer living. You can’t get wine from him.

    The cup of Eliyahu is an old Jewish custom, because Eliyahu did not die. He was “taken to heaven” by God. In Jewish philosophy, this means he still “lives.”

    But your Crown Heights-inspired education seems to have muddle your brain …

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