Use It Or Lose It

Responding to news of a new study showing moderate consumption of Cabernet Sovingion wine appears to lower the risk of getting Alzheimers Disease, Hadassah University Medical Center metabolism expert Prof. Elliot Berry:

…who has long advocated moderate consumption of red wine, said he recommended it for preventing various ills. “Even though not everything that works in mice works in humans, it’s wonderful, but I don’t want people to become alcoholic. People should not drink on their own and not before they drive; it also should not be consumed with a small number of medications. To reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s, one should also do mental exercise regularly – whether it is playing bridge, doing crossword puzzles, solving sudoku puzzles or studying Talmud.”

Use it or lose it.


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  1. Failed Messiah touting Talmud?

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