The Orthodox Disneyland Destroys Jerusalem

Wealthy diaspora Jews, particularly Orthodox Jews, are buying up much of central Jerusalem, driving property values skyward and driving young poor, middle and upper-middle class Israelis out of Jerusalem in an unprecedented exodus. Worse yet, whole neighborhoods of the city are now ghost towns, with apartments vacant most of the year while their owners live abroad. Jerusalemites are complaining. It’s hurting Jerusalem, it’s hurting Israel and its hurting Jews – and there is no end in sight. The Forward tells the story …


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One response to “The Orthodox Disneyland Destroys Jerusalem

  1. D

    Shouldn’t this be more acurately termed The Amerikkkanisher Disneyland…? The money that is voiding the city center is 90% coming from abroad; turning J-lem into a holy bungalow colony. Also the article refers to similar effects taking place in Tel Aviv and Hertzliya; hardly hotbeds of Orthodox domination by any stretch.

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