Woodstock In Uman


The Forward’s Nathaniel Popper reports:

… The mayor estimates that a third of the real estate near the grave is now owned by Israelis. This year, many of the pilgrims stayed in an enormous tent city that was erected by an Israeli philanthropist who also paid for the plane tickets of some 4,000 people.

One of the beneficiaries was Aaron Einhorn, a 17 year old from Brooklyn. He said that the writings of Nachman had turned him back on to Judaism after a bad experience in Jewish schools.

“I’ve been reading some of the pamphlets some dudes handed out,” said Einhorn, who was standing with a guitar under his arm near the entrance to the gravesite. “The rebbe had a lot of good theories. He’s all about love. It’s pretty much dance, be happy. I’m a pretty mellow guy.”

Einhorn said he came with nothing but his clothes, his guitar and a reserved spot in the tent. As far as getting food, he said he was “somehow scraping it together.” Einhorn said that after the late nights he spent playing guitar with other pilgrims, any other logistical problems dissolved in the songs.7_1

“There’s no direction — it’s wonderful,” Einhorn said. “A Woodstock for the Jews — that’s what it is.”

The Forward also has a great slideshow of the Uman experience, including this pic of a Chabadnik.



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5 responses to “Woodstock In Uman

  1. Cool.. would not you like them to be the dominate stream in Judaism ?

  2. Neo-Conservaguy

    It’s not my religion, that’s for certain. And to give money via shopping to the people that are perhaps the children of those that cheerfully slaughtered Jews in that country during and after WW2? Feh.

  3. Why are there no Jewish women in these pictures?

  4. I’m surprised to see the Forward so interested in the Uman “pilgrimage.” This is generally a secular liberal newspaper.

    Hopefully, the Breslovers won’t give too much tourism dollars to Ukraine. The money is better spent elsewhere.

  5. Uh Neo, most frum Jewish women do not look to make themselves the focal point of pictures; it’s not exactly tznius (modest) – especially for an international feature like the Forward (I myself am not chassidic, and I would not be looking to be in any of those pictures!). Plus it is my understanding that many Breslover woman forgo the pilgrimage. The lodging and accomodations are not really suited for coed situations. Those familiar with the halachaic particulars of the sexes mingling will know exactly what I’m talking about (and I’ll leave it at that).

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