Matisyahu Farbrengen Online Video

Looks like this was shot in Hadar HaTorah. Features a nice Matisyahu performance and a guest shot by Charlie Buttons. (No Yechi action, either.) Nice.


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6 responses to “Matisyahu Farbrengen Online Video

  1. Matisyahu Fan

    Pictures of Matisyahu doing Kaporos in Crown Heightes… Just FYI his Yarmulah is NOT yechi its Ad Mosia:

  2. גולץ

    Anything that has to do with Goyim כconsidred offensive to judaism. Even worse, shamefully worse, if there is a connection between a black culture and jewish culture, it is considered very offensive.
    What all this comes down to is racism and hatered against anything Black/Afro. German Opera is considered decent and accepted by the Jewish leaders as entertainment or whatever. Raggae music is considred trash despite the fact that it is all about love, ‘zionism’, freedom etc. In fact most of you belive that Matisyahu should go to Hell for doing all this…
    I wish everyone gets what they deserve soon! Moshiach will be our judge.

  3. Anonymous

    Why do they use plastic cups and paper plates at farbregens? Trivial, I know, but I’ve always wondered.

  4. claude

    shalon , je suis un bnei noach
    merci a ces hommes qui glorifi hachem dans une langue ( la musique) que toutes les nations comprenent ….encore merci

  5. Anonomous

    Just to let you know, I’m from Crown Heights, and Matisyahu does wear a ye— yarmulka, not only that… and by the way, “Golatz” is 100% right… but not only that, Matisyahu basis most if not all of his songs on Tanya and shmarya my dear friend, you and I know that matisyahu is very selective in what he sings about, because if were to sing about OTHER ideas expressed in Tanya, he would loose 99.9 percent of his audience IMMEDIATELY

  6. Anonomous

    Another thing.. if you don’t mind, my dear shmaryaleh, why do you post a Weisel quote as a blog header, don’t you you know that he had close ties with the lubavitcher rebbe, and held him in high esteem?

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