Rabbi Gil Student and the Atheist

Rabbi Gil Student notes that he refused to run an ad for Sam Harris’s new atheist book, and that refusal made yesterday’s Wall Street Journal as part of an article on the book’s promotion. Harris is a strong spokesman for atheism, and his arguments directed against Christianity also work very well against another religion – Orthodox Judaism – so it’s no surprise Student – who regularly bans comments and commenters who challenge Orthodoxy – would ban Harris, as well.

This week, I also turned down an ad, not for Harris’s book, but for Oorah, the haredi missionary* organization. I did so because of Oorah’s questionable fundraising tactics. (Please scroll down to the bottom of the linked page and read upward. This post will be at the top, above the other Oorah posts.) Perhaps that will get media attention one day, although I doubt it.

[Hat Tip: Sheyna Rofeh-Filosof.]

* I label Oorah missionary because it targets children below the legal age of consent.



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10 responses to “Rabbi Gil Student and the Atheist

  1. Paul Freedman

    “Harris is a strong spokesman for atheism, and his arguments directed against Christianity also work very well against another religion – Orthodox Judaism”–I take it then that you eat pork on Yom Kippur.

  2. Paul Freedman

    …that is, since you don’t, they don’t either.

  3. Paul Freedman

    Really? Does this change the requirements for a kosher kitchen? Do you have to maintain separate facilities for basar “just in case” or do you just set up for dairy?

  4. Paul Freedman

    oh, just veg for the punchline.


  5. D

    So, when Gil Student refuses to run an ad it is censorship, banning, etc. When you refuse an ad it is free speech. I see; totally consistent.

  6. No. Try to process. I won’t run an ad for an organization that raises funds in a very questionable manner. That is hardly the same as banning almost evry cogent challenge to ones ideology, which is what Gil Student has done.

  7. Henech

    Your hypocrisy and sinas yisroel is phenomenal.

  8. Ana

    I totaly disagree. This article is proclaiming anti semitism!
    Didn’t you learn the lesson from the Holocaust? Do you want another one to teach you that G-D is running the world?!

    What you are doing(brainwashing ppl against orthodox jews) is the exact description for MISSIONARY. So stop talking about Oorah and grow up.

  9. avrech

    I went over Oorah’s tax returns (because they are a charitable organization, it is posted on-line). The fact is, that as the years go by, their overhead goes up, and the percentage of the money that they raise going to pay for student tuitions goes down; BUT, the total amount of funds spent on tuitions is actually going up. So, in the long run, the money they are investing in fund raising is actually paying off. However, in my opinion, it would just be more efficient to donate to a particular school’s scholarship fund.

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