The Best Chabad Niggun…

Sung (and written) by the late Rebbe.


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3 responses to “The Best Chabad Niggun…

  1. Painful and sad to see what once was and what now is left.

  2. Dovid Lerner

    Actually this song was composed by the Ba’al HaTanya, the Rebbe introduced it to the Chassitim in 1954, that is the reason it often attributed to the Rebbe

  3. As much as I enjoy disagreeing with you on most things {{grin}}, I heartily agree that this song (whether sung by or written by the Rebbe z’tl or not) is by far the most emotionally charged of all the Chabad Nigunim for myself and my wife (YMMV).

    I was introduced to it while I was a semi-professional singer, in college, in the late ’70s, whilst beginning to become frum. While many of the niggunim evoked an emotional response from me, this one seemed to transform me. It hinted of true attachment to Hashem and true self-nullification. I lost the “myself” in this niggun.

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