ABC’s Nightline To Focus On Orthodox Sex Abuse

Jsafe Mondrowitz

It seems this will air Thursday night, but check Tuesday anyway. It’s already been postponed at least twice, so don’t be surprised if ABC postpones it again or shifts its broadcast time at last minute. Nightline appears to be under a lot of pressure to kill this story. That pressure seems to come from many sources – the Brooklyn DA’s office trying to cover up its own corruption, Agudath Israel and other haredi groups trying to hide abuse in their community, and other “well-meaning” souls out to prevent a “hillul hashem.” As preparation for this story, I suggest you watch the Satmar Kiryat Joel video linked here. That will help you understand how creeps like Kolko and Mondrowitz get away.


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One response to “ABC’s Nightline To Focus On Orthodox Sex Abuse

  1. Anonymous

    is it me or is judaism starting to resemble hell. racism against ethopian jews, lying kosher dealer people thingums, fires, death, mayhem, war, propaganda. who can tell the difference between the rabbis and the SS.

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