The Jewish Press editorial board reports:

As per our recent reports and editorials, kosher consumers are up in arms over the recent Monsey kashrus scandal. Now we learn of startling new allegations – allegations that come to our attention too close to press time for full investigation but which we feel duty-bound to share with our readers.

Names have not yet been provided to us, only alleged practices. But we have been told that some kosher food merchants have been advised by their kashrus supervisors that they may switch kosher labels on kosher food in order to accommodate customers desiring a particular shechita – as long as the product has some reliable hashgacha.

Individuals who rely on a particular hashgacha are advised not to base their decision exclusively on the label affixed to the meat or poultry. It behooves kosher consumers to be more proactive – to forgo a passive and deferential posture – when it comes to what they eat and feed their families.

If this turns out to be true, expect riots on the streets of Brooklyn.

[Hat tip: Michelle.]



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  1. John K. Diamond

    As the webmaster advised us previously, until the entire Kosher Animal Industry is totally cleaned up from all violations of Torah Law from top to bottom, we need to eat fish or go veg.

  2. Shmuel

    I’m beginning to think nothing is really kosher out there; we’ve been fooled for decades.

  3. Ear to the Sidewalk.....

    You just gotta love the Jewish Press. Full of allegations, short on facts.

    First off, no Kashrus agency has told their clients they may lie to consumers.

    Secondly, the JP is most likely discussing an issue in the 5 Towns where a store was caught labeling chickens as Empire, when they were in fact not. They were kosher, just another brand. (see for the full 5T story)

    Kudos to the JP for another round of crap.

  4. Ear –

    Looks like you could be correct. I guess we’ll have to wait a week to sure, though …

  5. Jewishpressblows

    Why in heaven would you bring anything from that sheet of crapola?
    Jews of all persuasions should be ashamed that an infantile, racist,extreme rag like the Jewish Press is still a viable concern.

  6. zev

    How is the jewish press racist? They constantly feature articles on how frum jews have to respect non-jews. they supported black candidates over jewish ones in the recent primaries. the rightwing yeshiva world hates the jewish press because it’s considered too modern and open. i don’t know what you’ve been reading, but your rant shows little connection with reality.

  7. Shimon

    This story was also reported on a Yiddish hotline in an interview with Rabbi Shain at 212-990-6143. The Beth Din that allowed it was Mechon L’hoiroha of Monsey. I have long heared that they are corrupted.

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