Rubashkin and the Conservative Rabbis

Sukkot is upon us, and it seems the Conservative rabbis sent so long ago to investigate worker abuse at Rubashkin’s Postville, Iowa slaughterhouse have still not released a report of their investigation, let alone announced a verdict on Rubashkin’s guilt or innocence. Why?

A cynic might note the biggest volume season for kosher meat sales after Passover is Rosh HaShana and the Fall holidays, and that, in effect, the last of those holidays begins in less than 24 hours time. If these rabbis were to release a report and find Rubashkin culpable, it could hurt kosher meat sales at a critical time. It might also prompt Rubashkin to again restrict the flow of non-glatt meat where this is possible. It might appear to this cynic that the C-rabbis have intentionally dragged their feet to get Rubashkin and the industry through the holidays intact.

Now, the C-rabbis will deny this and instead claim the pressures of work slowed the process.

It is not for us to doubt our C-rabbis, or any of our rabbis, for that matter. And cynicism simply must be done away with.

That being said, there is only one conclusion to reach – it’s too bad we weren’t born Buddhists.


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One response to “Rubashkin and the Conservative Rabbis

  1. szarfer

    Shmarya, when you say morning brachos do you skip shelo asani goy? or do you not even bother with brachos?

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