Gang Beats 16 Yr Old In Crown Heights, NYPD: Attack Not Bias Crime


The NY Daily News reports:

“A 16-year-old Hasidic boy walking home from a Brooklyn synagogue on Yom Kippur was jumped by a group of teens who called him a “f—–g Jew,” witnesses and his family charged.

Mendel Chesney was heading home about 10 p.m. Sunday when he was attacked by as many eight young men on Carroll St. in Crown Heights, witnesses and police said.

“At first, I thought they might be playing around, so we walked over to where the crowd was. That’s when I see the talaisim [prayer shawls] and know it’s a Jewish person and hear someone say, ‘You f—–g Jew,'” said Michael Gitchel, who lives nearby.

Police confirmed Mendel was beaten, but NYPD officials said investigators have determined the attack was a robbery – not a bias crime.

Upset that the NYPD has not classified the attack as a hate crime, about 700 people rallied Wednesday outside the Chabad-Lubavitch World Headquarters on Eastern Parkway.

They say it was a mugging, but they didn’t stick their hands in his pocket. This is the epitome of a hate crime, and he’s not being charged as a hate crime,” said Hanoch Hecht, 22, one of the rally organizers.

Mendel told his father, David Chesney, he heard footsteps, turned and was hit in the face with a fist or a rock. He said he fainted, and didn’t hear any anti-Semitic taunts. When he regained consciousness, he heard someone ask for money.…


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