Chabad Song Parody

Sent in by FriarYid:

[To the tune of Under the Sea, from Disney’s Little Mermaid]

…Up in Crown Heights,

Up in Crown Heights,

Nothing’s as nice,

As Jews with some spice,

And really nice tights!

Yes, while Bobov’s full of despair,

Chabad prays to an empty chair,

If they had a leader,

He’d stand tall as a cedar,

And they’d reunite!

All the wives’ schmattes,

Bring their husbands such naches,

Up in Crown Heights

Things work with such ease,

When the rebbe’s deceased,

Don’t confuse them with Skver,

Or they’ll cut off your hair,

Yeah I’m telling you,

It don’t pay to screw,

With those guys in Crown Heights!


Filed under Chabad Theology, PARODY & SATIRE

2 responses to “Chabad Song Parody

  1. Yochanan Lavie

    Will Matisyahu record this one?

  2. He’s welcome to if he wants. All I ask is that he include some steel drums. And no beatboxing.

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