This Simhat Torah, Don’t Forget The Children

I received an email from a kind person involved in a Agudath Israel program. One of the things this program sets out to do is to make sure that children of single parents have someone to take them to shul on Simhat Torah. He wanted me to publicize the program.  I wanted to publicize it but how could I? Agudah leadership stonewalls the rabbinic abuse issue. Rabbi Yehudah Kolko is alleged to have abused at Camp Agudah itself. And Agudah’s spokesperson – perhaps the most dishonest person I have ever dealt with – consistently downplays the abuse issue and slyly attacks victims and advocates. How can I ask people to turn their children over to an organization that employs such a man and whose leadership itself is so insensitive to the plight of these children?

And so I sent the man an email apologizing for not being able to promote his program. And I told him why. And when I was done it hit me like a ton of bricks. I cannot turn fatherless children over to rabbis! Can you imagine? And I cried.

Someone please print this and show it to the Novominsker and to anyone else on the Moetzet you can reach. This is what it has come down to. This is what their silence brings. Rabbis, when your time comes,  I guarantee you, G-d won’t congratulate you on your learning or your piety or on how well you run a tish. He’s going to sit at the head of the beis din shel mylah and He’s going to ask you one question: "When little Mendel and Sheindel and Dovi and Ruchi were molested, where were you? Do I care about your blatt gemara and your chidushim? No! I care about the lives of those little children!"

Right now, rabbis, you have no good answer to that question. Don’t you think you should have?



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5 responses to “This Simhat Torah, Don’t Forget The Children

  1. berl,Crown Heights

    Stop being so full of yourself.Agudath Israel do not need you to spread the word about any program. A bit of Mdesty would not hurt you

  2. nachos

    Berl, a bit of honesty and integrity would not hurt you. Why not help make some changes and protect these children

  3. chakira

    Shmarya, why dont you care about their blatt gemara and their chiddushim? We all know that that is the most important thing of all.

  4. shmuel

    Good post. Very sad.

  5. Schneur

    What can I add. You are correct. The lay and religious leadership of Charedi Judaism is completely corrupt . The rabbonim need money to support their schools, shulsa dn children who do not work and the rich donors need the honor bestowed upon them by the rabbis.
    This leads to a great deal of corruption and a lack of honesty.
    The final defense of the corrupt class is lashon hore. Any criticism of the “system” is labeled lashon hore even if it at the expense of Jewish children.

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