Watch the video. List every lie or misstatement this clown makes. Post them in the comments section. First one to list all the errors wins a prize yet to be determined.



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8 responses to “Contest

  1. Ya Ethiopia Lij

    Posted again>>
    The true jewish language, culture, and practice proven by the following…

    Amharic/ Hebrew/ English

    Abba/Imma/ Aba/Ima/ Father/Mother
    Ledet/ Ledet/ Birth
    Tsedik/ Tzedek/ Holy
    Mot/ Met/ Death
    Bewnet?/ Bemet?/ Really?
    Ba/La/ Ba/La/ In,with/to,for..
    Melak/ Melech/ King
    Tesfah/ Tikvah/ Hope
    Barkot/ Bracha/ Blessing
    Sanbat/ Shabbat/ Shabaths
    Orit/ Torah/ OldTestamet
    Knfe/ Knaf/ Wing
    Kabad/ Kavod/ Heavy
    Haiwot/ Chaim Life
    Nefes/Nefesh/ life..
    Kados/ Kadosh/
    Mazen/ Magen/
    …..The list goes on, and on , and on, and on…..

    Ethiopian Jewish names that are original Amharic/Geez names (Ethiopian Orthodoxis also frequently use these names). –Note that this has nothing to do with Askhenazi contacts. And please note that there are no Arabic infulence as well. They are original and pure Semetic names:

    Males:- Adam,Tsedik,Mazor,Tsedekah,Agazi,Binyam,Nahom,Noah,Merdokai,Natnael,Tesfaw,Ezra,Abraham,Yosefi,Haggos,Haggai,Yohannan,Yossias,Annaiah,Brook,Yafet,Elizer,Dawit etc. etc..
    Femaels:- Feven, Margalit,Yehudit,Sanait,Tirsit,Misrak,Helen,Meron,Leat,Leah,Deborah,Aisha,Tamar,Sara,Mariam,Sosanah,Elsabeth,Hanna etc….

    The reality proves that the Amharic language is much closer than the Hebrew but not Arabic, and vise versa.

    If the Ethiopian Jews are not desent semetic people, then who is?

  2. TheAntiScotty

    Why do you give this fringe moron the publicity that he seeks?

  3. Nachum

    to: ‘baal hamoron’
    come to think of it.
    it’s not that ‘toldos aharon’ is any
    less moronic. don’t u think?

  4. Shmuel

    I think I have all the lies. Here goes:
    1. He states that his anti-Zionistic view was shared by “all” rabbinical leaders upon the founding of the Zionism movement.
    This is false. Many rabbis were fully in favor of the Zionism movement, among them Rav Kook, Rabbi Meir Bar Ilan, many of the Sefardic rabbis, Rabbi Reines, Rabbi Pines. Many rabbis supported the predecessor movement known as “Chivivei Tzion”, among them the Netziv, Rabbi Shmuel Mohliver and many, many others not recognized in the yeshiva world because they disagreed with Agudah.
    2. He claims that Zionism is “expressly forbidden” in the Torah.
    False. It’s not “expressly” forbidden to return en masse to Israel. He is obliquely referring to the Talmud discussion in BT Ketubot @100 (102?) where the rabbis teach that the Jews took 3 vows as they were being expelled from Israel: not to go up to Israel as a wall, not to anger the nations, etc. But this is an Aggadic portion of the Talmud, not a halachic one, and it certainly is not “expressly” forbidden by the Torah in the same sense, or to the same degree, that murder, rape, Sabbath desecration and theft are expressly forbidden by the Torah.
    3. He claims that the Talmud states that if the Jews breach the 3 oaths there will be “catastrophic” results for the Jews. As a Neturei Karta, he would point to the Holocaust for support and argue, “Because of European support for Zionism, the Holocaust occurred.”
    I believe this is false. Noone knows with certainty why the Holocaust occurred. Maybe it was because of sinas chinam!
    If we factor out the Holocaust for a moment, we’re left with an independent state which has been victorious in just about every war it’s waged, which successfully fights terrorism, which has a GNP of @$30B+, which has tens of thousands of yeshiva students studying Torah in greater numbers than at any time since the Second Temple period, which has a growing Jewish birthrate, has the most outstanding yeshivas in the world (Chevron, Mir, Brisk, Ponovich, Kol Torah, Mercaz Rav Kook, KBY, Gush, Shalavim)and which exports fruits, diamonds, computer chips and Torah all around the world. It’s far from perfect, we all know that, but I’ll let Bruce Springsteen sing it: “[She] ain’t a beauty but, hey, [she’s] alright…” Israel is beautiful and we wish her life, not death.
    4.He claims we lived hundreds of years alongside the Arabs without any problems, and life was better prior to Zionism.
    False. i. Mohammed YMSV murdered Jews and Jews were, and are, second-class citizens (“Dhimmis”) in all Arab lands. Pay enough tribute to the ruler and you’re merely mistreated—thank Heaven for small favors.
    ii. Was life better for Jews in Arab lands prior to Zionism? Let’s ask them. Almost all Jews left for Israel upon the creation of the state. Maybe they know something Rabbi Weiss does not.
    5. He quotes a Chief rabbi who said he didn’t want a Jewish state.
    False. Rav Kook was in favor. Perhaps he meant a “chief rabbi” like Rabbi Yosef Chaim Sonnenfeld. leader of the Charedim, but he was not “Chief Rabbi.”
    6. Zionism created anti-semitism.
    False. Anti-semitism has been around as long as the Avos, all of whom had problems with their neighbors, which neighbors (Pharoah in Egypt, the Philistines, the Canaanites) resented them for their wealth, their holiness, and their success. The Babylonians hated us, the Romans, the Crusaders, the Spanish, etc. All of them preceded Zionism.
    7. He contends that his WAS the mainstream Jewish view, but is no longer. True. Then he states that the mainstream view has been duped by Zionistic propaganda into believing “false” Arab propanganda, e.g. that the Arabs want to harm Jews, thus causing the mainstream to be fearful to return Arab land.
    False. The Arab propaganda is from Arabs and they hate Israel with a vengeance and they mean it. There’s nothing “false” about it. They hate Jews, declare their desire to kill Jews, then they kill Jews. What part of that platform is “false”?
    8. Iran doesn’t hate Jews; it allows a Jewish community to live there, and the President of Iran met with the Neturie Karta in New York recently. Iran just wants to see a dismantling of the state of Israel.
    False…Iran wants to destroy Israel any way it can: through Hezbollah, through Syria, through nuclear warheads. Iran hardly loves Jews; it wants to kill 6 million of them.
    There you have it: all the lies of the Notorious Karta. What do I win?

  5. Yos

    I couldn’t stand to watch long enough to pick out all the lies. Here’s my list – every time he moves his lips, he lied. I’d wager those peyyes are sewn into his hat.

    To the credit of the media, they’ve mostly stopped referring to NK as simply hassidic or ‘ultra-orthodox’.

  6. I don’t consider the guest to be a rabbi.

  7. zach

    Gimmeabreak. The Neturei Karta are a TINY group of wackos. It is only because the media (including your site) gives them a forum that they raise folks’ ire. Ignore them and they will go away.

  8. The Rabbi was right on the mark. Too bad no one will listen to good common sense. I applaud every word he spoke. The interviewer appeared to become uneasy by the close of the interview. Perhaps he could not handle that much truth. Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss has his act together and I hope he has MORE oppertunities to be interviewed in the future. More exposure of what he has to present will open the eyes of the people to a group of Rabbis who have good Biblical common sense.

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