Hey Gedolim, How Was Your Simchat Torah?

So, did the Novominsker make a nice tisch? The Gerer? Did Malkiel Kotler tance mit a sefer? Yisroel Belsky?

It’s all for God, nu, isn’t it, this dancing, this show? The shreimels and stupid hats and beards to your pupiks. You’re holy men, no doubt. But what God wants is emmes, not your pro forma holiness.

Rabbis, your silence kills Jewish children. You certainly know this. Are these children less dear to God than your tisches and bekeshers?



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5 responses to “Hey Gedolim, How Was Your Simchat Torah?

  1. D


    Take a schmeck tabak and chill out, man. Your bitterness is going completely over the edge.

    Despite the controversies you raise your site is usually interesting enough for me (and I can only assume others as well) to keep coming back. These past couple of screed posts, however, have basically been unreadable. Try to be a bit more constructive if you want to effect change on the matters you feel passionate about.

  2. Schneur

    Shmarya. Don’t be “nispol” by your frum critics. You are correct. The corruption in the areas of business, child molestation , divorces, the whole bais din system in the US are mind boggling and the so-called gedolim do and say little excpet for checking their bank accounts.
    Chosmo shel Hakadosh Baruch hu is Emes , report the Emes.
    Remember Cgazal inform us Where there is a chilul Hashem , we do not honor th rav”

  3. shmuel

    What Schneur said.

  4. Joseph

    I dread Simchat Torah each year. A main reason is that I see often those who can be the unfriendliest folks during the year suddenly being the life of the party. I stand there and I wonder where the switch is located.

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