Kahane Chai Ruled A Terrorist Org By US Govt

My old buddies at Kahane Chai have lost their appeal. A US Court of Appeals has ruled that the group can and should be classified as a foreign terrorist organization:

“The record need provide only a sufficient basis for a reasonable person to conclude that Kahane Chai was likely behind such a threat [to assassinate then-Prime Minister Ariel Sharon],” said the opinion by Appeals Court Judge Douglas Ginsburg. Appeals judges David Sentelle and Stephen Williams joined in the decision.

Kind of hard to argue with that. The Kahane Chai people viewed Sharon as a threat to Israel and the Jewish people and expressed the desire to do something about it. Call them what you will, but no reasonable interpretation of law would shield them from censure.



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2 responses to “Kahane Chai Ruled A Terrorist Org By US Govt

  1. Isa

    After R. Kahane was murdered, the group factionized. The people that went to Kach thought that Kahane Chai were crazy
    Lots of sickening in-fighting, sort of fighting over a deck chair on the Titanic

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