Man “Reincarnated” As A Dove Saved By Rabbi Ovadia Yosef

That’s right folks. Another lost soul has ended up reincarnated as an animal. Miriam Shaviv over in London kindly reports …



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2 responses to “Man “Reincarnated” As A Dove Saved By Rabbi Ovadia Yosef

  1. DK

    This is yet another testament to the greatness of the gedoylim.

  2. Eliezer

    the posting is stale, at least 1 month old.
    the old man came out of the hospital
    saw a pigeon on his seat and caressed it.
    aliens of the british isles caress their pets, squirrels, robins too. don’t they?
    as dirt digging this is a rather poor job
    (tantamount to caressing a skunk).
    those who will read the hebrew post will read that “a special seat was arranged for the rabbi in advance”. clearly addressed to people -concerned with nothing but dirt- who never go to shul. otherwise, all shuls have a seat reserved for their rabbis at all times.
    including that of the kindly dirt digger from london. xenophobia comes to mind.
    here is one for you about the child beater, that the dirt digger of london will not attack:
    http: // online/ 1/ART1/496/ 392.html
    oy,oy,oy a real yiddene neshome.
    and dk, the pigeon story has nothing to do with gdoylim.

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