Shas MK to Reform: Keep Walking On Water

…The minister in charge of the Religious Affairs, MK Yitzhak Cohen (Shas) said in response to the petition: "Conversions of reform and conservative organizations are virtual conversions, and they deserve to immerse in a virtual immersion. This is a vexing petition. The only immersion the reform are aware of is Baptism. So they can continue to walk on water and leave the people of Israel alone."

A very funny line, to be sure, but one totally inappropriate for a Minister of Knesset, especially one in charge of Religious Affairs. In a normal country, this goon would be looking for another job. In Israel, he just sits and grows richer.

[Hat tip: Ben Max.]



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11 responses to “Shas MK to Reform: Keep Walking On Water

  1. Neo-Conservaguy

    Someday, American Jews that belong to the Conservative and Reform movement will wake up and realize that is they want to affect change in the Orthodox stranglehold in Israel, all they have to do is stop sending (guilt) money; that will get the attention of the government real quick. Otherwise, what incentive is there for change?

  2. What Cohen doesn’t know is that the ritual of baptism is a direct descendant of tvilah in a mikvah anyway.

    I would say the ignorance is astounding but alas, it isn’t.

  3. Harbona

    r’ shmarya.
    how can i e:mail you in private, in case i have a tip?

  4. The link is on the right side of the page under Who Publishes Failed Messiah?

  5. Harbona

    thanks, but my outlook express is deffective for some reason i couldn’t fix for a few years now.
    u may like this puzzling link.
    http :// il/online/ 11/ART1/ 495/921. html
    u got to hand it to them.
    the clip is heart warming, complete with flag and all. but how sincere could it be? the kids seem sincere enough. but how about real anash insiders? could they be really patriotic for anything apart from 770? are they allowed?

  6. Paul Freedman

    Neo-Conservaguy: you accept patrilineal descent?

  7. Harbona

    stop sending (guilt) money;(to israel?)

    they even give to chabad.
    a long way to go.
    they have to believe themselves in their own version of judaism. the reform movement is so tempered with, that rabbis -at least, not too few- question the existence of God! So really, it’s a grouping of convenience. It’s not a religion.
    Conservatives these days keep drifting and drifting away. One can hardly discern of any iqarim they go by. Without basic tenets, what is their worth?

  8. C-Girl

    Who are any of us to judge the intentions behind a conversion, no matter who performs it?

    Harbona, with your words you painted with such a broad brush that the reader is left to infer that your opinion is based not on actual knowledge but on hearsay. You presented a smug summary of non-orthodox Judaism that makes this seem like a no-brainer issue, but the truth is that there are many shades of gray here. But that’s for another discussion.

    All we really need to know in this case is that there are people who wish to be Jewish and there are others standing in the way, alleging to be the gatekeepers, the guardians of all Israel. In reality, Israel doesn’t need a self-appointed honor guard. This would be laughable if it wasn’t so terribly sad.

    What it comes down to is that a mikvah is a body of water required for immersion, and it’s nobody’s business who goes in or for what reason. If you don’t agree with a particular brand of Judaism, fine. But don’t exert false authority.

  9. Neo-Conservaguy

    “Neo-Conservaguy: you accept patrilineal descent?”

    It’s clearly biblical, but just as clearly not rabbinic, and rabbinic “wins” in this case. On the other hand, I think the Reform folks can do whatever they want in their “house” – as long as they understand that anyone who wants to cross-over into more traditional rabbinic Judaism may face a required conversion. That’s is why it’s such a shame that politics play such a large part in conversions and their acceptance these days.

    Harbona: do you really believe their is no difference between the Reform movement and Masorti? Aside from the egalitarian issue, one would be hard-pressed to otherwise find differences with many modern orthodox congregations. Masorti Jews are very serious about their commitment to halacha – as judged by their rabbis. For example. they clearly reject the American Conservative movement position on driving on Shabbat.

  10. Yochanan Lavie

    I would accept patrilinear, except that it would split the Jewish people (even more so than it already is).

  11. Anna

    >In a normal country, this goon would be looking for another job.
    Why. Israel is middleeastern country, and all circumjacent states, Arab ans Islamic respublics and kingdoms have the same attitude

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