The Foolishness Of Rabbi Dov Lior

Rabbi Dov Lior has ruled that it is forbidden to enter a reform synagogue to pray or to join in life-cycle events. For some reason, Ynet thinks this is groundbreaking, when in truth, this is the baseline most Orthodox rabbis hold to. The only real groundbreaking point is the proscription against entering a reform synagogue even to greet a newly married bride and groom after the ceremony, or the like. Most poskim experienced in these issues – and Dov Lior is certainly not one of them – allow this type of entry in order to allow families to remain close, for sholom bayit, so to speak. That Lior is foolish enough to ignore this – or, more likely, arrogant enough to have issued a ruling without doing due diligence – is the true hidush here. Except that wouldn’t be a hidush, now would it?

[Hat tip: Sheyna Rofeh-Filosof.]

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One response to “The Foolishness Of Rabbi Dov Lior

  1. Schneur

    Wow which are the Poskim that allow entrance in a Reform Temple for puely social reasons?
    There MAY be a heter to teach in Sunday school, or to vote or use a gym, but to participate even in a social manner in a religious ceremony, I would really be interested in who you are refering to.Perhaps some MO rabbis give an oral heter for this on an individual basis, but which Sifre SHUtpermit this ?
    By the way the Bobover rebbe Rav Mordeche Duvid Ungar of 45th St just purchased a Conservative Temple in Brooklyn for over 7 million bucks and is tearing it down , because he will not worship in a building that once housed a Conservative Temple !

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