Leap of Faith
©Shmarya Rosenberg

A child
would not  cross empty streets
without looking

or talk to strangers,
no matter how inviting.

He grew up.

He opened his gates
just a little

and they entered,
these men in black,
priests of ba’al in the clothing
of Maimonides,

and he walked with them
slowly at first, then faster and
faster still,

deceived by their charms and
the talismans of their lies,

until he stood with them at the edge,
too far to cross.

"We will fly as our forefathers
to the other side," they said.

And as they watched, so he did,
jumping into unknown air,


arms flailing,
deep in the void,
dashed on the rocks,

grasping for the promises of men
looking down
who themselves
would never
have taken







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5 responses to “Kiruv

  1. Anonymous

    I have an idea. Everyone who knows of a potential shiduch for Shmarya should write in and see what they can do. We all know Shmarya’s likes and dislikes, so only quality shidduchim are allowed. Shmarya, what do you think?

  2. Anon

    Noisy are children
    loud is a bell
    Pungent is perfume
    but you only smell.

  3. Anonymous

    Shmarya, deal with it your not a victim. Nobody did anything wrong to you, they taught you Torah and explained to you the way a Jew is supposed to live. You tried it and it didn’t work out for you. Why do you talk about these people as if they raped you?

  4. Shadchan

    I suggest Tzemach Atlas (Mentalcase) as a shidduch for Failed Scotty. Shoitim are not forbidden from mishkav zachor!

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